ford fiesta 1.4 tdci slight judder when idle

4 Mar 2014
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi there I have a 1.4 tdci ford fiesta 2008 the car has been great so far but recently has developed a slight judder when the engine is idleing its not major and no warning lights are on the dashboard but it's noticeable. .. it happens about every 3 seconds and the revs pick up slightly it drives fine but would like to nip it in the bud early

any help would be greatly appreciated
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Could be all manner of things from an injector to an electronic fault, you could try having the fault codes read but if it drives OK I would tend to leave it alone until it gets worse - or not, as the case may be.

Well its driving fine no misfires, no loss of power its just when its idling really its really annoying...

Can u have a diagnostic that would pick it up or are they mainly for telling you what the problem is when a warning light is on the dash
Is the battery the OEM one fitted from new?

Maybe a long shot but if it's on the way out the charging circuit may be kicking in and out; which loads the engine and drops the rpm. On some cars this is compensated for and the revs go up.

Unfortunately, modern cars are a nightmare and often need to have a professional diagnosis. Similar thing happend on my friend's Mazda recently where, amongst other problems, the Lambda sensor was pooped.

Too much technology on modern cars. EU legislation forcing manufacturers to make cars spit daffodils out the exhaust...
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Yes id agree with you on the modern cars but weve all gotts put up with it I suppose haha

Come to think of it my battery does look new and a tad to small for the tray it sits on so ill check it out

Iv posted a photo tell me what you think?
Doesn't look right to me Berty. Aftermarket cheapo...? It might help to eliminate the battery by seeing if it still happens using another car's battery via jump leads, the donor car keeping the revs up.

It's only a suggestion, and I'm not saying I'm right. I'm actually a biomedical engineer specialising in toe fungus ;) :D

let us know how you get on bud. I had a Fiesta youks ago; nice reliable car:cool:
Wow thats some job title right there haha

No thank you for your input I suppose its worth a shot as the process of elimation is looming..
I'd still try using someone elsezz before putting your hand in yer pocket.

Just be careful of course
Check the charging circuit by connecting a meter across the battery, you should have something like 14.4 volts across it with the engine running.

Hi and thanks for all your replys I havent had chance to test anything yet due to a heavy workload but I will soon... if the battery test turns out to be fine I might just book it in for a major service and see if that picks anything up...
My car always juddered at idle when a air hose was split, once rpm was up there was less movement in the engine and hose crack was sealed.
Ok is there a test u can have that would detect such a fault.. at the moment im changing all the filters and the oil is really black so im in the process of changing the oil... also when im going low speed in second gear the car jumps causing me to use first gear
Hi there long time I kno but iv still not got to the bottom of this so far iv changed the battery, maf sensor, injectors seals, injectors checked over all fine and iv put a bkanking plate on my e.g.r valve still the same although the blanking plate has added a coupke of extra ponys :)... im sort of swaying towards fuel lines and fuel pressure now and also checking for air leaks...
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