Fiesta Zetec Heater Problem Following Accident?

16 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom

I hope someone can help me with the following please:

Last Friday I was unfortunately involved in a car accident with a taxi. Some time after the event I realised that my heater had stopped blowing out hot air (even when the engine has been running quite some time.) The air doesn't seem completely cold.. just cool.. too cool though for the current conditions.

Anyway after the accident it was clear there was damage to the driver-side wing and bumper. Also the bonnet has been pushed down (on the driver side) which had forced the grill outwards.

I went for an estimate today with the insurer's garage and I asked him if it was possible, given the damage visible, if this could've caused the car heating to stop working. In his opnion it wasn't possible but did say it was a 'common fault' and it could only be a 'coincidence'.

I would welcome a second opinion.

Many thanks

Amanda :)
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Unfortunately in such cases quite a number of people 'find' faults that are blatently nothing whatsoever to do with the accident to hope to get them fixed.
It is possible that the estimator is pig sick of such ****** and just dismissed the question.
If the fault is part of the accident it will more then likely be down to a burst radiator (which I hope if the mechanic is doing his job right) will be picked up during the repair process.
Whilst agreeing with knackers comments about false claims, which are rife, you are not tied to the insurers approved repairer. Breezer is right, if you have your doubts ask elsewhere.

The radiator probably is damaged and you are probably only getting away with driving it because of the cold weather.

Some estimators can be indifferent, to be honest they prefer to talk to insurance assessors rather than the public, he is probably not being personal. Explain your concerns and ask them to pressure test your radiator after the repair.
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Thank you for your replies. I'll let you know what the garage says.
Someone else told me that the heat valve is a common fault with fiestas and that would cause the air to be cool. The coolant level seems ok, can't see any leaking, so may just be a coincidence.

Amanda :)
think it was me who told you about the heater valve elsewhere, this is really common on the fiesta's and worth the 20-30 quid they cost especially at this time of year.
fitting is a doddle pair of pliers and 20 mins should see you warm again