Fiesta Zetec 2003 - Cooling system leak???

18 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a 2003 (52 reg) Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. It is running ok, with the odd drop in revs when ticking over, but over the past 2 months has lost liquid from the cooling system somewhere. I noticed this as there was a large wet patch on the floor under the car (the liquid is orange) and the level in the plastic container (where you 'top up') had dropped to about 1 and a half inches below the minimum line.
This has happened twice now in the past 8 or so weeks.
Also, on the underside of the bonnet, there appears to be a number of 'splodges', as if something is bursting out and hitting the bonnet. This may or may not be connected with the apparent 'leak'.
As I said, the car seems to be running ok regardless of this recurrent problem. Anyone have any ideas as to cause and/or remedy?
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First off, check that the cap on the expansion tank isn't damaged. If the seal on this cap has worn then you will lose hot coolant but usually only when driving a high speeds or sitting in heavy traffic.
Get a new expansion cap from a Ford garage for a couple of quid and see how you go on. Make sure not to cross-thread it when you screw it onto the expansion tank.

Then check that all the hoses aren't damaged and make sure that the jubilee clips and tight.

If the water pump is leaking you will see coolant pumping onto the floor intermittently but I dont think the waterpump is at fault if you are only losing water from time to time.
You need to establish where the leak is coming from,when you know that, post it and then it can be resolved.

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Agree with jonny.. it could be a split water pipe. Does anywhere look damp in the engine bay?