Firefox Problem Opening

3 Jun 2007
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N East
United Kingdom
Have just updated to latest UBUNTU.
Am having trouble opening Firefox.
On clicking the Firefox short-cut on the left column I end up with a black screen.
The left and top columns remain but, instead of the row of icons for clicking the screen is black and empty.
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Not much help I know, but personally I have been using Firefox for many years , but recently has becoming very problematic, not sure why as it used to be reliable
I have had the same problems with Firefox on Windows 10. over the last 3 weeks. (After the last update.)

This is because I have set Firefox to reopen windows/Tabs when I restart it, EG Email/weather/Diynot/ebay etc. I dont' know if you do the same. If so,
You can close/abort each tab in turn till you can restart firefox and it works (Note this is for Windoze 10/7 I don't know about linux)

Or download (Using a different browser) reinstall and that might work

Also, Something I tried and worked was to change the Screen Resolution exit and then change it back.
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I don't know if Terminal will work, as I don't know Linux that well. I'm mainly Windoze based due to what I have to support. (Still supporting XP on till's and ATM's)
For Windows there is a program called CCLEANER (Stands for Crap Cleaner before the PC lot put their oar in) You can use it to clean up your browser cache, cookies and other stuff.

There are equivalents for Linux. Do a Google search for " CCleaner for Linux Ubuntu download " and install one you like.

Let me know how you get on

There are more experienced Linux people than me on this site.