Firefox Problems for newgas.

20 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
Which 'messenger are you using? Is it the latest Live Messenger.
In Windows Live messenger I can open the sign in page but I don't use it.

Regarding the Firefox sign in page I don't understand because I have never had to sign in to use Firefox.
Just open IE and highlite and copy the url in the address bar of your Home page.
Then open Firefox and paste the url into the address bar and click on the right hand side of the address bar to go to that page.
When it opens, if that is what you want as your Home page,
Click Tools -> Options -> Main Tab -> In Startup box, select
When firefox starts 'Show My Home Page'.
Then click Use Current Page.

When you next start Firefox it will open with that page.

Your list of Favourites in IE is called Bookmarks in Firefox but you can import them easily from IE to Firefox if you haven't already done so. just clickl Bookmarks -> Organise Bookmarks -> Import & Export, then follow the simple instructions and it will copy them all over.

Firefox has an online backup for your Bookmarks called XMarks. Once you have registered and set a password it will copy your Bookmarks onto the web and if you add or remove any, it copies the alterations when you next shut down Firefox.

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Dave I have installed firefox and it is running fine, only when i try to open my messenger page which has a Email address bar and password bar the password is not accepted and the mozzilla page comes up and asks for the password again and again.

I can't figure it out yet, maybe have alook at it tommorow,

Thanks for the replies.

edited.My homepage is BBC and I don't want to change it.
Not had a problem with messenger but I also use DIYfixit forum and sometimes that does same thing. I have written to the sysop and they tell me they can't emulate the fault. And it works OK one day then not the other. It all started when they did a server change. Always can log in with IE and Chrome normally works but once or twice Chrome also played up.

So I will guess now a microsoft rather than Linux server?

However no idea of cure.
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