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20 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
I removed some old art deco ****e, and found this quite grand old stone firèplace. It would be a shame to cover it up, so how would you go about restoring it? Seems to be mud lime stone and brick. No immediate plans to use it but a wood burner could figure later.
Thanks in advance,
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Not sure what you mean by restoring it - originally there would have been an inset fire basket, a surround, probably a mantelpiece and the remainder wo0uld have been plastered.
Yes, me neither. I was thinking about raking out the old mortar and repointing it and leaving it as a feature stone wall. And leaving the breast on show with the arch. Probably woułd need to clean up the black soots or seal it somehow. I've no intention of adding a hearth surround or mantel.
So if i want to seal or paint the stone work on this breast after i clean it up, how would i go about it?
PVA sealer then masonary paint? Or should i be using some other products?
Thanks all,
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Ive decided to re render the fireplace using lime and sand, with a float finish, and point the feature arch. Will advise on outcome. Decided im going to want to fit a wood burner. Can someone please advise on what i need to do.
This is what i was planning.
Re render the inside of the inglenook up to the arch with sand cement and waterproofer, float finish.
Fit a chimney sleeve from the pot to the top of the arch.
Fit a metal plate over the woodburner and connect to the chimney sleeve. Fit Stove.

Anything else i need to do?

Dont do anything else until you have had the flue swept and the stack & terminal examined.
Select a stove and take the opening dimensions required for the recess.
Then call a HETAS in for a view.
Then come back here.
You pretend to ask for advice while you are actually doing the work, and then claim the advice was too late. In the time available you couldn't possibly have done what i suggested as a minimum.

I think that the average idiot can be excused but imbeciles who troll should be shunned.

While you are treating yourself, may i suggest a creative vasectomy to keep the forum free from possibly more fools.
Ree, i think you misunderstood what ive done. I have merely rendered the front, i was fed up of looking at stone.
With regards the stove, i have not done any work on that as you have stated, though i would like to fit one later, at least now i can get the place decorated.

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