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First home - Garage nightmare help! [Long]

Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by Tagged, 9 May 2021.

  1. Tagged


    22 Apr 2021
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    United Kingdom
    Hi folks.

    Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've finally signed up after me and the mrs bought our first house, moved in and settled now around 6 months with our 2 year old, We're based in Northern Ireland. House was built in 60s and garage was added later.

    Never really done any DIY before and never really had to until now. I am a COMPELTE beginner but have learned and tried to much myself the past few months, never anyone to show me these kind of things other than my mum.

    Long story short we were a bit niave buying our first home, kind of knew the people we bought it off and it was left in a state which wasn't exactly great for us with a child, first day we walked in the shower fell off the wall... after getting a lend of some money its pretty decent now and just some normal things to do to it as we go a long over the years, new floors that type of thing just to do it up to how we like.

    I am actually here today out of a place of anxiety, the house comes with decently sized detatched garage, electrics and heated which is nice as the boiler has been moved out there unfortuately not amazingly done but it all works nonetheless.

    The problem is I've developed a sort of anxiety about the garage and its condition due to discovering problem after problem with it, all basicaally coming from the roof and it's also funnily enough where I'm getting my confidence to do my DIY repairs from at the same time. I just want everything in the house to be problem free but I guess that will never happen

    So a small list of things I'd like to do based on what I feel I can do.

    -Roof ridge an verge needs rebed and pointed, previous owner stuffed it with newspaper.. I know! I didn't even know what a ridge was before I bought the house,looked into dry ridge and dry verge but don't feel I want to attempt this yet and feel a bit more happier rebedding these for now and looking into doing dry versions in a couple years.

    -The garage door was replaced with this window type thing and is letting water underneath it on windy days, I originally filled it with expanding foam but I've scraped this out today and applied all weather sealant as best I can and hope this does the trick for now

    -The garage has a room built into it which I'd like to remove in future, unfortuantely the verge is letting water in and the wood behind the soffit has started to rot, i pulled this out and cemented it up to cover up the gap, but you can see in the picture its started to get damp down the wall. - A Bird has made its nest ontop of the roof in the garage up in the rafters, its going in and out of the hole in the verge, I believe I'm not allowed to remove this for now but it's going to be a nightmare to get it out.

    -I'm a little worried about the brickwork inside, someone told me it looks fine the brickie just didn't make it look nice, but it's still probably looks the sdame as the day it was built.

    My major concerns

    -I've had a roofer come look over the roof and basically they quoted me about £1500 to install dryverge/ridge and refelt it but I simply cannot afford this, they've told me the overhang is too short, I also asked a guttering guy to come look, he hasn't been yet but said to fix the overhang it would be pricey and espeically if the barge? board is rotting underneath, to redo it all. So is it something I need?

    -If you look up into the rafters some of the felt is ripped, I'm not going to replace this but some of the battens for the tiles aren't great and one looks to be almost snapped in the middle, I'm wondering if its just wet? I'm going to lift some tiles and replace this myself and nail it back to the rafters.

    -Guttering is fine on the garage I've repaired some leaks in the join, but the drainage for it is non exsistent, it just goes down the garden path ffs, what can I do about this? my garden is concrete so I don't feel like digging it up I'm sure its major work? I would install a drain myself or a soakaway is it? but I don't know where I would direct the pipe to, down the bottom of the garden? Thee house behind me has a massive garden and our gardens back on to each other but there is a strip of unused land between us

    I'm fairly sure thats it, I've included as many pictures as I can and tried to order them, I would welcome ANY help at all to get these project done, cosmetic wise I know the pebble dash render isnt great but first priority is to get it water tight and then I can get it all fixed up inside.

    Also I do have a major major worry, If I lift the ridge tile I can see lots of woodlice, They are everywhere in the garage, I've put down ant killer and I find dead ones everyday, it's a lot better than it was but I'm still finding new all the time, are they coming from the roof? are they getting in soemwhere I can't see? Eventually I'd like to plaster up the garage so I don't want it crawling ith bugs, I know they can be normal but I'm thinking it's way beyond more than normal. I'm hoping they are getting in the roof and falling down as I am finding lots of their minute droppings. - Any suggestions on this?


    Thanks for reading!

    - Edit, the front of the garage has 2 bits of bare timber exposed also, I've been told these should be boxed off in a soffit box? Is this fairly easy to do or should I have a professional come do it?
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  3. thomp1983


    25 Aug 2016
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    United Kingdom
    There's nothing there I'd be getting too upset about, the gutterings a pain as yes they've bodged it, I'd be cutting the corner of the drive up directly next to it and digging a drain across into the grass next to it.

    The ridge tiles either want rebedding or a dry system fitting, rebedding will be cheapest and if done properly will last a long time, same goes for the verge but the verge will need what's there digging right out, if you just attempt to patch the gap it will just crack and fall out again.

    Soffit board just needs a new piece fitting and the soffit replacing.

    The brickwork is about right really, not many builders go mad pointing the inside of a garage, if it bothers you repointing is again cheap and fairly easy just time consuming.

    If the over hang is too short it can be extended by a diyer if you feel competent, along the sides it's just a case of attaching longer pieces of joist to the existing to create a longer overhang, if it's the gable end then it's creating a box frame that attaches to the one currently there then making good the tiles and soffits.
  4. Tagged


    22 Apr 2021
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    United Kingdom

    Thank you for the reply, Apologies I know my posts tend to turn into a bit of a long explanation.

    - I plan to rebed the tiles and redo the verges, its completley done anyway it just comes out by hand, hence I pulled some out already now a bird is nesting in my garage so I'll need to wait until it leaves to do anything major.

    - The soffit board I've got the piece thats come off, The wood behind it has rotted and crumbled away.

    - I feel I can repoint the inside myself if need be but I'd like to have a go boarding and plastering it in future once I get everything else done

    - Is the overhang being to short an actual real problem or just something thats not ideal? does It provide any real benefit? I don't feel it's something I could do properly myself.

    - For the guttering, can I just run a pipe down under the ground in my garden out the bottom? I'm sure it needs to lead somewhere or as long as the water goes away from the house and doesn't flood the garden? what about letting it drain out under the soil?

    Any ideas for the amount of bugs I'm getting? I find new dead woodlice everyday due to the posion I've put down but they are obviously getting in somehow, could it be the roof and they're just breeding up there? Also is it a good idea to replace damaged battens for the roof tiles? I had a practic and went up and took a tile off myself which was fairly easy, or is it better to leave them alone as they haven't fallen down, they seem to be going slightly black and I think theres a crack in one.

    Thank you

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