Fit Hive 2 to my Vaillant ecoTEC plus 837 - please help!

Fuse box?

You are running a cable from the boiler to the Hive? Where does a fuse box come into it?

Is there a bath or a shower in the room?
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Sorry, my terminology is wrong there. I meant that box inside the boiler with the L/N/1/2/3 etc.
Right, you just need to run a 5 core flex 0.75mm between the boiler and the Hive, passing through the same route as the eBUS cable, which you are going to remove/scrap.

Providing the boiler is not located in a bathroom or shower room, you can then mount the Hive nearby (I'm not a Hive installer, not a fan at all, I'm an Evohome/Hometronic specialist) - but usually not right next to a large metallic object such as the boiler case - for best RF performance.
Thanks - that's what I mean about the taping and pulling, it's the only way to get the cable through the same route as the boiler is installed. I'll give it a go tomorrow and hope for the best.
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Just drop the cable down the back from above then feed it in through the grommet into the boiler. Trying to feed it UP the back of the boiler will be a nightmare.
Why do you want to try this job 3 days before Xmas? I am always amazed at why people do this now?, if you cock this up an blow the pcb or short something then.
1 you will have no hot water or heating over the festive period.
2 if you do get someone with the parts and knowledge to fix it they will charge u massive, maybe 5-600 quid for your foolishness.
Leave it til the new year and put that case on good an tight, as said you shouldn't really be in that combustion area of the appliance. It's very unlikely you will cause a safety problem but it is possible the way your going.
It's unreal isn't it :LOL: I've had people upset on the phone because I won't /can't come to see them about controls upgrades until January.

Is it that vital to show off to the in laws the fact that you can control your heating from a Crapple? :LOL:
I take the point, but I'm fed up of having the parts laying around waiting to be fitted and I'm primed and ready for action.

Surely, if I'm careful, it's unlikely that anything will blow and brake? Even if the controller doesn't work, then I'd expect to be able to use the heating manually and the water (being a combi boiler) should be OK? I could potentially hassle my electrician neighbour if I really had to if anything bad happened, but I'd like to avoid that as I'm sick of being told he'll pop around in the next week!
I would have gone for the Vaillant VRC470 or 470f' assuming radiators are sized correctly. OK not contollable via a web app but you could then benefit from weather compensation. Obviously if you can achieve savings by controlling via phone due to your lifestyle then you may have made the right choice.
One of the main reasons for the change is that the Vaillant controller is very unintuitive and fiddly. Hive / Nest seem easy, and my wife never turns the heating off if there is nobody at home for a long period, so being able to do this from anywhere is very handy. Plus, I like gadgets!
VRC470 is a nightmare, if you don't like the VRT360 you will hate the 470. All the user friendliness (!) with an added layer of complexity.

Should have bought Evohome though, Hive is the poor relation.
It's funny that you say that as I looked through loads of reviews. One "table" had Evohome at the top and the other had it at the bottom (maybe it was Which, not sure), so I guess you pays your money and takes your choice. I only have a single heating zone so Hive / Nest 2 seemed good - plus they look the best. I just though I'd buy the first one where I could get a bargain, and the Hive 2 was pretty cheap on Ebay.
You got it from eBay?

How are you going to create an account? xD
I was sent an id so called up and was given an account. They ask about where you get it from and what it cost etc.
If u stick one wire in wrong mate u are very likely to blow that pcb they are good but notorious for failing if wired wrong, then trust me there will be no hot water or heating or manual control .. I can tell I'm not goin to convince you. Please don't think your the first, as Dan Dean etc have said , there are hundreds of us engineers out there an we all have at least a couple like you that will have a cold Xmas with an angry spouse. It happens every year, an this is not a dig at you.

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