Fitting ply to brickwork inside disused fireplace

10 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
Hello. I will be lining a disused fireplace with plywood, drilling the bricks and screwing the ply to them. Do I need to do anything to prevent problems at this interface? For example, treating the back of the ply? Putting a plastic membrane between the brick and the wood?

Or will it be ok to just screw it straight on, to what is sort of an "outside" wall?
The chimney is open to the sky may take some rain now and then, though I've never seen any moisture at the bottom even during heavy rain.

Thanks very much
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Build a single free standing unit so you can pull out whenever you need access.
Build a single free standing unit so you can pull out whenever you need access.

A good idea - however I'm pretty sure I lack the ability to construct such a box, especially with 6mm ply. It's not regular, either, there are some protrusions and angles involved that make it too much for me. If I screw individual panels to the bricks then I can just caulk up all the huge gaps and paint over it.

Also, I should have mentioned that the rim of the fireplace opening, on the wall side, will be trimmed in some fashion. Like a small fire surround, maybe using architrave or skirting. This would overlap slightly and prevent the "box" from being easily removed.
Why not just get it plastered out and either put some battens and shelves up, or buy a small cheap unit to place inside. If you lack the ability to build a simple box, then I think the solution you are suggesting is likely to look like a dogs dinner.
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6mm ply is completely unsuitable, I would use 18mm mdf or ply. 6mm ply will not support any shelves.
You make the box sqaure to the largest dimension that will fit without binding.
The the Architrave could be used and fixed to front of box which would hide any irregular brickwork.The entire unit then is removable, possibly on wheels if opening is large.
I used slate tiles on house renovation .
before and after pics.

Very nice, foxhole.

Does anyone know about treating the plywood? Whether I screw it on or leave it loose it will be against the brick and open to circulating air. So far I've primed it all and put on an exterior undercoat (both sides). I suspect that will be enough. I could PVA the end grains or something silly like that, too?

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