Fitting trickle vents for condensation

3 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a 1990 bungalow and live alone, do my clothes drying outside, weather permitting but in the utility room when too cold or raining.
I have fitted draught excluders around all the doors and keep all doors shut, but the windows often have a lot of condensation in the mornings in all rooms.

Would fitting trickle vents to the existing UPVC windows help the situation?
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In all honesty You are better off opening a window to allow condensation to clear ( not ideal in winter I'll admit ) . Thing is drying washing indoors puts a lot of moisture in the air do baths/showers/ boiling water/even breathing ...if you eliminate it from the windows it normally just finds the next coldest point to condensate .... usually an outside wall ( behind a wardrobe or similiar ) leading to black mould eventually
The thing is I read that when the humidity level is higher outside than it is inside that is not a good idea to do.
The outside humidity now is 100% and inside 69%, so opening windows allows more humid air inside.

Today there was no condensation on the windows, that is usually the case when it has been raining overnight night.

I know drying clothes inside releases moisture into the air, so in the winter I dry laundry in the utility room and keep the door shut with draught proofing around the door and leave the utility room window open.
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The outside humidity now is 100% and inside 69%, so opening windows allows more humid air inside.

That's not necessarily true, because the outside temperature is lower.
Those percentages are RELATIVE humidity.

Say it's 10 C outside and 20 C inside. Looking at:
air at 20C can hold almost twice as much water as air at 10C (2.338 kPa vs. 1.228 kPa). So the 100% saturated cold air, when it's warmed to 20C, will have a relative humidity of a bit more than 50%. So provided that you have enough heating to keep the temperature up when the windows are open, in that case you will reduce the humidity inside by opening the windows.

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