Fixing a loose curtain pole

10 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom

First time poster just wondering if someone can give me a little advice on fixing a loose curtain pole in my house.

I'm a total DIY novice, so even though I know this is a simple job I'm just worried about totally botching it. But I feel I should be able to tackle a job like this around the home and not have to pay someone £30 to do it for me

It's a metal curtain pole that rests on two hooks which are screwed into the wall of a bedroom. The walls are brick with plaster (some walls in the house are lath and plaster and not plasterboard I've been told, if this makes a difference to anything that may follow) and the hooks have been fixed in with 2 screws.

The screws on one of the hooks have come loose and the rawl plug on the top screw has come partially out of the wall. As far as I can tell all that is keeping the hook up is the bottom screw/plug which is also loose and the fact that the hook plate has fallen slightly behind the interior window frame (PVC).

I tried tightening the screw back up with a screwdriver, but after a day it had simply slipped out with the plug again. The curtains have been up for about 4 years without any issue until just recently. The other hook is fine as is the other curtain pole in the room.

Can somebody advise how I can fix this please? In my head I think use some kind of filler and then fix the plug/screw into it, but I don't know if polyfilla etc. is strong enough once set to support curtains. Will it be a case of having to drill further into the wall?

I did search the forum quickly but could only see posts about fitting up new poles.

Thanks in advance :)
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I've fitted loads of curtain poles in my time and generally tend to chuck away the plugs and screws that come with them , cheap , tiny and inadequate. All you really need to do is drill the hole deeper , 5mm is fine , into something solid not the plaster , new red plug and a longer screw and job done. Draw the curtains and kettle on :D
Hi ladylola,

Thanks for that. I didn't put the pole up, had a chap do it for me when we moved in and he said the same thing - used his own screws as he said the alloy ones they supply are rubbish.

The rawl plug is a red one, but I will head on down to B&Q and get myself some new one and new screws.

So I'm fine to just drill into the existing hole then?

Sorry for the dullard questions!
Yes you should be ok for going into the same hole. Only thing to watch for is that it hasn't gotten wider with redrilling which is possible depending on the bricks , bit etc so just might need say a brown plug but chances are it will be fine.
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Thanks again. I'll tackle that this weekend. Any problems I know who to ask!

Really good of you to take the time and help me out.

All the best
I usually just whittle a wood wedge and hammer into existing plug, this gives a solid base to put the screw into.
For what it's worth I find the Fischer heavy duty plugs really useful for this kind of job. They seem to me to have more 'grip'. I got some in Wickes though I think they'd packaged them up to look like their own product. Following a tip on here I've even been known to squirt some strong adhesive into the hole before putting the plug in. Leave to dry then away you go.

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