Stupid Curtain Pole problems

8 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
Bit of a stupid question really but I am having trouble wih a curtain pole I just put up, one of the wooden ones with the hoops around it to hook the curtains on to it. It is not very long maybe about 4 feet and is fixed at either end. The problem is that the plaster is really soft and pretty useless at one end, and I cannot get it fixed properly. I did manage to get fixed eventually but a few months later it has started to come down and it has brought quite a lot of plaster with it too. The metal plate that secures the wooden part at the problem end is very small so it prevents me from using bigger longer screws. Is there any type of plaster that is avialable that sets/sticks a bit harder to enable the mounting of a curtain pole. Or maybe some type of filler? Sorry I am a little stupid at DIY as you can tell, if I had my way I would put a wooden batton up and a regular curtain rail, unfortunately my other half doesn't like them (typical) any ideas?

Thanks :rolleyes:
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if it is a small hole (bit missing) then use regualr filler (one that parrots like is good*) then drill a deep hole through the filler into the brick work and use a red rawl plug and a 2 inch # 8 screw.

masonary bit should be a #10 for red rawl plugs, drill 2 inch hole, push rawl plug to back of hole) put screw on plug and hit it GENTLY with hammer until it goes no more then use 2 inch screw to fix pole.

* clue.

Parrots are often called polly, and when no longer hungry are said to be filled
Ha Ha Breezer very funny!!


Alternative fixing:

can you screw a length of 2x1 to the wall (as a fixing rail for the curtain pole?)

Or, you could chipping out some of the old plaster( say )for around 6 inches square. Then using a masonry drill, drill a series of holes into the brick work ( say an inch deep and 2 or 3 inches apart, then..try using EXTERNAL polyfiller - its cement based) and sets rock in just 5 mins ( or maybe 10)
( make sure you wet the patch to be plastered up to stop the bricks soaking up the mositure from the polyfiller too quickly)
Thanks for the help guys, very much appreciated and very very helpfull ;)
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another_sparky said:
( make sure you wet the patch to be plastered up to stop the bricks soaking up the mositure from the polyfiller too quickly)
With a bit of p.v.a, glue mixed in to aid adhesion.

we are having the same problems. the pole was fine until we changed to slightly heavier curtains. We have been down the "parrot" route twice but three weeks later we are in the same state.

The plaster board seems very weak and just pulls away. Also what ever is behind the plaster board is VERY hard. We even went out to get new Ti tipped drill bits but no luck.

Can anyone offer any advice please?

S + R

BTW the window is in a wall that was part of the original 1860s barn wall so is probably stone. (but don't count on it - we found out who did the conversion and his name is Jack !)

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