Fixing phone dropwire to wall.

15 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
What is a phone dropwire fixed to at the house end of the line from the pole?
And how is it fixed?
The cable has the 3 yellow strain wires in it.
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The three yellow strain wires are to strenghthen the cable and nothing else, you should also have two pair of wires White/orange which will be the working pair and the green/black which is for a 2nd line if req...when you say what is it fixed to its usually a small junction box matchbox size or may go directly into the socket
Many thanks, It's possibly an older type cable as it has separate green,white,orange and black wires.
It's at a friends house,just moved in. The cable is lying on the ground and she'd like it fixed up on the end of the house.
I'm looking for the insulator type of thing I see on other houses around.
Any suggestions, please. And how is the cable attached to the insulator before going through the wall.
Puzzle solved!.
There should be a plain straining wire alongside the drop cable from the pole but the straining wire is missing.
Thanks again.
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Sorry, back again.
Are the 3 yellow wires used as the line support, then the 4 phone wires taken into the house?.
You use a pigtail and wall eye to attach the cable to the wall. You do not strip the cable and try to attach it that way.....

There is no additional catenary type wire to support the cable from the pole, that is what the yellows do - they are steel strain wires.

The orange/white is one pair for the line, the green/black is another pair which could be a for a second line. This is not an old cable.

You wrap the pigtail around the cable, fix the pigtail to the wall eye, clip the cable into the house and THEN STRIP IT BACK. The yellows are cut short, folded back over the sheath and a boot placed over the cable. The orange/white green/black is then terminated as required.


Modern wall eye:

Typical older wall eye:
Wow, the things you learn from an obviously knowledgable person.

I've said it before on these forums and I'll say it again, guys like me with only a smattering of general DIY experience are greatly indebted to Lectrician and all the rest who give up their time (on a Saturday too!)to pass on information like this in such a clear way.

Many thanks. :D
Lectrician is correct about the method of fixing the dropwire, but I don't think anyone has pointed out that all the fixing and running of the dropwire and lead-in is usually the responsibility of the network supplier.

Also, tensioning the dropwire so it doesn't sag is very hazardous if working from a ladder at the house end - the required tension could easily pull you off a ladder.

BT / Openreach engineers always fix the house end first, and tension the dropwire span working from the pole end, as their ladders can be securely lashed, they have pole belts to stop them falling, and they have techniques that allow all the pulling to be done from ground level.
Has anyone ever heard of BT actually prosecuting someone for working on drop lines, master boxes etc?.
Just see one of your local bt engineers ,tell him he is a handsome devil and looking very sexy today then ask him if he can give you one
Thanks OwainDIYer,
Found them now you gave me the proper name.
Is their a correct way to fit them, ie long or short end wrapped on first?.
When you get one put the hooked and through the fix and then it wraps around itself,with the long end pointing towards the pole or other fix wrap the cable around clockwise as you are looking at it...this gives it the non slip affect

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