flat roof leak replace/over cover with epdm

30 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi got a flat roof that has leaked over the last few days of rain. Purchased some 20 10 roof fix from toolstation. On inspection the roof looks like it is comming to the end of its life in other places. The roof fix was £135 for enough to cover the entire roof. Given the cost I am thinking it would be better to replace with epdm. Can I overboard the current install with say 6mm ply thus not having to spend the time on stripping felt off and dispossing. Then glue epdm to the 6mm ply. Current install only very minor leak in one place at the moment.
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Roof is solid so was just going for the thinnest ply so that the epdm has something clean to bond to. Can up to 12mm if 6mm is not man enough.
Its always best to strip the existing, you dont know what condition existing boards are.
If you want to board over, use t&g osb, that way you will have decent joins.
With thin ply, your never going to get the joints nice and even, this will show up through the epdm, ie unsightly ridges.
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Good advice there, have just been offered 10 sheets of 6mm ply for free was used for 1 day for a party to protect lawn that has made it tempting. Got me thinking I have half a bag of uzinn floor screed for wood I could feather the joints to stop them photographing through but the first part of the uzinn system goes on at 2mm thickness. How about normal laybond to feather joints like when u install amtico on plywood or something else?
Just go and buy some 11mm osb. It'll be a total better finish than 6mm ply.

6mm ply should never be used for any kind of flat roofs imo, Not even overboarding.

Sounds like you may not want to spend alot of money. So just buy a sheet of EPDM, Lay it over the flat roof and weighit down with loads of slabs LOL.

Or do it right and fork out a tiny bit of cash.
Yes will be doing it right, dont worry, no point in spending out on the epdm if the base is not good. Was just weighing up my options.

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