Flat Roof Repair {Breakdown Needed)

10 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
We intend to renovate our 1930s 3 bed semi, nothing was changed from when it was originally built, it’s in disrepair and needs total modernization.
Before contracting a local business we would like to understand the cost and work involved.

We have very little understanding of building and don’t want to get unfairly charged.
We would like to have a good idea of the work that will have to be done and the costs.

It would be extremely helpful if someone can help us create a breakdown, specifically:
-work involved

Here’s an overview:
We have a small flat roof extension for the living room, it comes out approx 5m.
It needs to be totally redone, including the timber joists on the flat roof and the timber joists on the floor.
We would like to keep the existing pine floorboards and put them down again when the timber is replaced.
We would like to use marine ply with a felt cover for the roof.

Thank you in advance,
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