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12 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
The flat roof is up for repair, around 24 sqm. To make life complicated the roof has half ridged tiles all around.
I have a number of quotes. Most quotes are really expensive because of the tiles.
Most use torch on felt. The cheapest uses asphalt with a top sheet using chippings or aluminum solar paint (?). The asphalt quote is £500 cheaper than the rest so far.
Is torch on better than asphalt or is it just the new easier way of doing a roof?
I have never seen solar paint before. The roof will be walked on for window cleaning. Is the solar paint a good idea or should I stick with chippings?
I am not worried about unsightly moss.
Any advice would be great.
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Fit a epdm roof on, should work out cheaper,
Rubber for that size about £180
Adhesives about £35
If you need trims, allow about £11.50 pr 2.5m
These are prices I can get from my suppliers, delivery £17
Then you local fitters fee, should be done in a day, 2 men.
Never heard of an epdm roof before.
How new is it? Does it last as long as they say?

I think the reason the costs have been so high is the half ridge tile border.
The tiles have to come off so that the barrier/trim can be the right hight. About 14 m of half ridge tiles, not sure how much should be allowed for that run, guess it would take the man a day or so.
I am guessing that the felt & underlay would cost about £250, so the epdm is a little cheaper.

If I stick with the roofers I have, is there any difference between torch & asphalt? & is the alumin solar paint any good or should I stick with chips?
I have just had quotes for the exact same sqm but without the added tile complications.

Saved 100-odd quid by removing old felt,boards,fillets etc, and 60-odd quid taking them to the tip.Fitted 18mm hardwood boards with posh screws.Removed two rows of tiles from adjoining roof to facilitate access.Temporarily covered with dpm sheeting ,tucked up under felt on adjoining roof and held down with batons around the outside and heavy coping stones strategically placed on top.All work done by two hard-working mates(one low skills,other very practical) who owed me a favour.Joists(16 inch centres) were fine.

Been quoted £600,days work,two workers for fibreglass,thicker matting,best quality resin as they put it.

£670 for the 1.1mm rubber coating glued to the board.

Waiting for the 3-layer torch-on felt quote(not recommended for thatch cottages!)Getting a bit cold and damp now for any other method.

Will have to get someone to put the tiles back....another days work.

Original chipboard had felt torched straight on ,lasted 30 years before starting to leak.Must have been good quality felt.Believe there is some cheap flat-roof felt around.Been told chipboard is less dense nowadays too.

Got special deal on the hardwood ply but would recommend the OSB interlocking boards although the chipboard original was butt-up style and was walked on regularly by myself to access adjoining roof and chimney over the years.

Some of this was taken off the back of good advice given to me on this site a couple of month ago.

Good luck but make sure you have a detailed explanation of exactly what materials and process they`re going to use because they will be looking for low overheads to maximise their profit margin.
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If you go for the torch on, you can have the green mineral cap sheet finish or the solar reflective paint, not many people have the chippings now, it does the same as solar paint but gets in the gutters, and not good to walk on.
The choice is between 1) asphalt with either a) chips or b) paint and
2) torch on mineral felt

Wanted to check what I should be checking is included in the price and if one method is much better than another.
I have a few torch on quotes so I know whats expected there. Only one guy is offering asphalt and thats a lot cheaper so I am thinking, is it any good?
have you checked the insulation on your flat roofs meets current building regs. they say now if you're redoing more than 25% of the roof you have to improve the insulation to current standards if the existing U value is beyond a threshold. hit me on a 58m2 roof and is costing about as much as the felting work!

not enjoying the size of the bill, but with gas prices going the way they are i guess (very) long term it'll work out...
I was thinking about adding insulation, the extension is cold.
Its going to be difficult because the tiles reach down to the deck.

I now have some proper quotes.
Torch on and Asphalt are around the same. Around £800 which having a look at the materials seems fair.

I think that it has to be solar paint if I get asphalt. The asphalt man says he will use fibre glass sheets.

Anyway I would really like to get the job started and wanted to get some advice, is there a downside to asphalt & solar paint over torch on or are they both about the same?
Supposed to be having the 3 layer torch on chap doing mine in just over a week but computer says no as far as weather is concerned.

I`m going for someone who`s been doing the job 30 years,does jobs for the council and local builders.Wouldn`t want any cold method at this time of year.Second frost this morning with all standing water on dpm sheeting turned to ice.Wrong time of year to be doing this type of job now but at least a propane torch will help de-stiffen the felt as it`s rolled out,don`t want loads of rucks leaving.

I don`t care how it`s done as long as it`s done properly,looks right and keeps the wet out!Most of the dirty work has been done so the roofer will not have to faff about.Time is money.Job`s only 8ft off the ground so no scaffolding required.

Regarding your insulation,can you remove ceiling plasterboard and fit it that way.You say it`s cold,is this coming from concrete floors or a damp issue?Is there enough ceiling height to fit a wooden floor?
Thats some sort of computer you have there, saying you cant do the roof in a couple of weeks time.
You can torch on roofs any time of year, unless its actually pouring with rain.
Lovely job on really cold day, with the torches going.
Thanks for the positive confidence boost re torching on felt in almost all weather!I`ve got it as pouring down with rain in just over a weeks time as I put it.....Tues 25th Oct to be exact.Hopefully I`m wrong and hopefully this roofer is reliable?

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