Flickering lights

26 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
I have noticed the lights in our bathroom have started to flicker slightly. Maybe not flicker as such, but will dim or go bright for a period.
I dont remember seeing this before.
We have 6 GU10s (probably overkill) and a couple of them have blown and need replacing anyway, so I need to do that. I was going to check wiring whilst I was at it. What do I need to check out?

1. wires connected in pullcord switch and no arcing/burning
2. wires connected properly in circuit between bulbs

anything else that may be causing it, or could it just be becasue there are duff bulbs?

And of course, is thsi anything to worry about. House had a full rewire 5 years ago so I'd expect anything too nasty to trip out, which it hasn't as yet.

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Do the 4 lamps that are left dim at the same time or is it just 1 "flickering" by itself??
Overheating wires in a joint will not trip an MCB or RCD until they short to another conductor.

Are they definitely GU10 (230v)? Or are they extra low voltage, 12 volts? The lamps will say on them.

Could be a duff transformer if they are 12v.

Do any other lights in the house flicker at the same time? Light flickering can be the result of large loads being switched on nearby (factories, steel arc furnace, linac (lol), chilled lorries plugging into the mains for the night at the local distribution centre, etc)

As you say, check all the conections on the lighting circuit (switching and lights, and any JBs you can find).
Might you have recently boarded the room above or done a insulation job above the lights ?

Do any other lights flicker ?

Try a bed side lamp to see if it flickers at the same time (thus making the problem not just the d/lights).

Have any of the bulbs dropped there silver film on the lens ? Have you tried renewing them all at the same time with a known brand lamp- not BnQ shhtt.
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Thanks all. I'll try to answer the questions one at a time.

1. Its difficult to tell. You notice the light in the room dim/flicker, rather than seeing a particular bulb go. Its not like it does it very regularly. But it isn't because I've moved/shadows, as it has done it to me without me moving about in the room.
2. Yes, deffo GU10s, though they do differ in wattage? Could that cause issues? Not noticed this in any other room. We are also in a residential area so dont think there will be any real load around.
(sorry - JBs - whats that?) junction boxes?
3. The spotlights are in the loft, but it isn't boarded over those bits, and I've deliberatly kept insulation well away - what are you thinking?

I might try replacing the lot at once now and see if that helps, but will also get up there and check all the connections. Its been on my list of to do's for a while, but not got around to it.

Thanks again
Had a quick look yesterday and couldn't see anything loose.
Will try replacing the bulbs.

However, whilst up there I remembered that there is an electric fan running off the light circuit. I guess this could be the culprit right? If it every now and again draws more current for whatever reason that is likely to dim the lights?

Sorry for not mentioning it before - clean forgot about it.

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