Floor tile adhesive and wall tile adhesive

29 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom

Is there a difference between the adhesives for floor tiles and wall tiles?

I'm laying an electric underfloor heating system (mat type) in my conservatory before the tilers come and lay the tiles on top and I need to stick the insulation down to the concrete floor first then lay the mat on top.

I've been advised to stick the insulation with tile adhesive for strength but am not sure what to use, i've found wall tile adhesive is cheaper than floor but is it strong enough for this purpose?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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No, wall tile adhesive is no good.

You need to get yourself some rapidsetting cement based floor tile adhesive. Glue the board down using a 6mm notched trowel, tape all the joints.

My neighbour tiled his whole kitchen floor with a ready mixed wall tile adhesive, Porcelain tiles, 3 days later after the adhesive was still wet he decided to rip it up and do it properly, I am glad you posted this thread. :LOL:
Thanks for the reply, so the premixed b and q stuff will be ok to use as long as its rapied setting?

looking to avoid having to mix it myself as it'll be by hand, unless hand mixing with a stick is fine!

any particular tape to use to cover the joints?

thanks for the responce looks like you've just saved me a big mistake
Found a ready mixed adhesive thats rapied set 2.5kg which it reckons covers 11m2 (the area i'm coverering is 10m2) which should do it, do i smear it onto the back of the foam board and stick it to the concrete or smear it onto the concrete and stick the board to it?
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2.5kg will in way cover 10 square metres.

I would bite the bullet and get a powdered adhesive and mix it yourself. It's the right way to do it.

Go for a 20kg bag of grey adhesive (grey is cheaper), you might well need more than one bag

Use a glass fibre mesh recommended by the backer board manufacturer for your joints.

Think i will have to bite the bullet, is it ok to mix by hand? and do I spread entirly over the floor the stick down the foam or on the back of the foam?

Thaks for the type tape i was going to use the normal duck tape, i didnt get any instructions with the backerboards.
Best practice..........
Self level over UFH cable / Mat prior to tiling using good quality flexible self

This protects the cable against damage during tiling

Allows full coverage of cable thus eliminating air pockets which can create "hot spots" potentially causing the UFH to malfunction.

Allows you to get a good solid bed of adhesive

Makes it possible to remove tiles at a later date without damaging the UFH

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