Floorboards rotten - suspected woodworm - which trade?

4 Apr 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I have a couple of floorboards in one room that I think are rotten due to woodworm. I think it's woodworm because last year I had some heating problems investigated, and the carpet was up in the same room, and the guys said we had a couple of dodgy floorboards, and I recall (not 100%) that he said it looked like woodworm.
Last night one of them gave way with a big crunch. I won't be able to get the carpets up and inspect it till the weekend, but let's say it is woodworm.. and assume it's not a task I'm comfortable with attempting myself (for full eradication) which type of tradesman would be best equipped to come round and deal with it all, including eradication and replacing knackered boards?

Please excuse my ignorance on this, but I don't whether I need pest control, joiners, floor-fitters, or someone else.

Cheers much
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this is in the realms of a preservation company,BUT do be aware they may rape your wallet.
what you need is a chippy who has knowledge of the woodworm industry and is competent in carrying out the required treatment,but also bear in mind the chippy may not be able to offer the so called 25 year guarantee.
You could post pics of the floor area and the damaged board, on here.

Guarantees and warranties are useless. Most D&T companies are not in business for five years never mind 25 or 30. The big companies have legal dept's that will take you to the cleaners if you challenge them - how, just by spinning it out.
Many guarantees are for the actual chemical, nothing else - try and prove the chemical failed.

As above, a joiner could sort it and spray some anti-bug solution - but the general conditions have to be assessed and perhaps corrected eg. damp and ventilation.
More likely decay than woodworm, often caused by moisture, pull up the carpet. If it is insect damage it will be full of holes, more likely decay which will make it soft and spongy.

Regardless the problem is likely moisture related, moisture could be through water penetration, or more probably lack of underfloor ventillation.

You will also want to check the joists.

preservation is often unecessary, remove and replace decayed timber, remove the source of moisture.

Treatment is only worthwhile to protect already damp but sound timbers whilst they dry.
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Thanks guys.
It was deffo woodworm in this one rotten plank.
The place is a 1920s bungalow, and I think damp-proofing was only done before I bought it (which was just over 10 yrs ago). There was also guttering needed fixing too. So now I think the source of any moisture issues are gone, the under-flooring is now well ventilated.

I think it was just this one piece that is rotten from woodworm, and I think them being actually present was a long time ago too.

I spoke to a family friend in the floor-laying business over the weekend, and he convinced me that I can replace it myself, and that I only need to replace the rotten planks (of which there is only 1...it's very localised), esecially if I don't intend staying here a long time (which I don't).

So I've now just got a multi-cutting power tool, to cut her out. So just need to call around local timber yards at the weekend to see if any of them stock boards in sizes close to my current (almost-100-yr-old) boards!... which I understand might be a bit tricky, with it all being metric these days, etc.


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