Ford fiesta fuel tank change

21 Mar 2006
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West Midlands
United Kingdom

I am about to change my fuel tank on my Mk3 fiesta 1.1 non-injection as it has started to leak. I was reading through the Haynes manual and it said I need service tool 23-014 (a large box spanner with projecting teeth to engage the fuel gauge sender unit), to remove the fuel gauge sender unit.

It says that if I don't use this, the removal is very difficult. Does anyone know where I could get this tool as i have looked around and can't find it. Also if anyone else has been in the same situation and knows how to deal with this problem without the tool could you please tell me how you got around it. Any help would be gratefully recieved.

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I've done it on similar cars and I take it from your post it's the quarter turn type of fitting? If so and you can get to it a liberal dousing of wd40 or similar and a few sharp cracks with a straight punch or drift tool should shift it. Consider if the sender is worth retrieving, in my experience if the tank is that bad chances are the sender will be too. Price a new one.
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