Foundation for shed - concrete blocks

2 Oct 2016
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United Kingdom
I plan on building a wooden shed on concrete blocks. My question is should I be putting pea gravel under the concrete blocks to stop them sinking/moving or just digging them a little in to the ground will be sufficient?


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Are you telling me I shouldn't put pea gravel underneath? All I am trying to do is follow a youtube video of building a shed myself and want to know if I should put the pea gravel under the blocks or not. Some people say yes and some say no. You can quite clearly see by my picture I've started this project and I am not messing around or anything, just help me out please.
Please stop being rude. I don't see how this thread being on Google will help anyone apart from this forum. I'm not linking to anything or anyone apart from this site.

Can anyone else help? I looked at other threads and someone says in the link below to not use pea gravel as it doesn't compact. Does this mean I shouldn't use it?
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Firstly I'd like to emulate Lily Allen. Secondly, when I built my shed I used concrete blocks but under them I put 4" of crushed stone well tamped down but personally I don't see a problem in using pea gravel.
As long as the base is something that will lock together under pressure it should be OK. Hard core compacted down would be best but even sharp edged gravel would work.
I built a shed off blocks dug in as you propose. I leveled them with a little sharp sand I had left over. No gravel or pea shingle and it lasted at least 15years. Might still be up now for all I know.
Thanks guys for your comments, really appreciated. So as long as it is something that can lock together then I'm good to go. I will see what the cheapest way of doing it is as the plan is to use as much recyclable material as possible. Thanks again.

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