Fridge/Freezer Housing “Slipped”

26 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
Strange one this (am I in the right forum?). I've got an integrated fridge/freezer in my kitchen, in a housing (some kind of bog standard chipboard thing from B&Q). Wall on one side and other kitchen cabinets on the other.

A few days ago the housing - on the side attached to the wall - “slipped“ down by about 1.5 inches. The fridge/freezer slipped down with it, and now it all looks wonky - the top bit of the housing isn’t level & horizontal any more.

How could I fix this? Is there something like a car jack that I could buy or borrow - to jack it back up on the side that slipped (and then put something very solid in the gap underneath to stop it happening again)? Hoping for a DIY fix because funds are tight

edit: would something like this fit the bill?

thank you.
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A photo would help , but in all probability you'll need to empty the F/F, remove it from the unit make repairs to the unit and then replace it. I can see the jack thing potentially going wrong and doing even more damage, notvto mention there being all sorts of alignment issues, however without a pic...
Thank you. Ooh good point about the photos - I didn't think about that. Have tried to attach some below. Not sure how clear it is, but it's all slipped down the wall, on the right hand side



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if the bottom of the unit's side has collapsed, it is often caused by condensate water from the bottom of the fridge. This is especially the case if the installer failed to cut the required vent holes above and below the freezer. The plinth/kickboard can normally be pulled off quite easily to check if it water damaged......
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Have any of the legs snapped?
I've just had a closer look. Both legs are intact. What seems to have happened is that the base of the cabinet is ok (and the two legs below the base). but that the side of the unit has separated from the base and slipped down the wall. It looks to me like I'll have to take the fridge/freezer out somehow and try to repair the cabinet. Oh joy. I suspect I'm going to end up paying someone to do this for me.

I did have quite a heavy object on top for a while (12kg box of coffee beans) which might not have helped...
12kg load on a cupboard doesn't seem excessive to me. However, with the weight of the fridge/freezer on the central shelf, (and possibly full of food), the combined weight may have been too much for the shelf. I presume the cupboard was not secured to the wall with screws, hence why it appears to have slid down. The weight of 12kg and the appliance have possibly ripped out of the top of the shelves.
You will need to remove the upper appliance at the very least, and also the doors to give a clearer picture of what has happened.
From there, we may be able to advise best method to remedy.
The bottom unit should be ok because, as you say, it is supported by 4 legs.

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