Garage door


30 Jan 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi, had a garage door installed about a year ago. The door is a auto sectional door from Hormann and it’s quite a large double. In the wind it keeps making a noise and there seems to be movement where the latch is in the middle at the top. It also makes a loud whistling noise when windy, as it comes down the sides. When the wind blows you can see the light down the sides as a gap appears. The fitter seems to think there is nothing that can be done as the wind pushes the door back causing the seals to not be in contact with the front of the door. he says there has to be play in the rollers on the track, but I t’s not really weather tight though and it seems pointless I paid for an insulated door as well and the wind blows into garage. Any advise if this is the case and will the door always be susceptible to wind pushing it back and off the front seals. The bedroom is above and we hear the clicking constantly when in bed.
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