Garage roof repair - options?

19 Aug 2004
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United Kingdom

My garage is 5.5m x 2.8m, flat roof, raised on 3 sides, gutter on fourth. Roof is chipboard + felt, open joists. Roof has 2 puddles and chipboard looks damp there (looking up inside the garage). I don't think there are any other puddles/damp patches. Raised edges have cracked and been patched.

So I reckon it needs a new roof. Would I get away with just replacing the damp damaged chipboard or should the lot be changed? Ideally I guess the roof could do with more of a slope to drain the water. I think it is flat rather than a few degrees slope. There is no sign of any triangular shim on top of the joists, or shim under one end (I'll double check that).

I guess it would be a bad idea to put new boards on top of the old because of the extra weight. And given the weather lately I don't want to strip off the either roof as I'd have to move the junk in the garage.

But what other options are there? Any simple DIY solutions? Or would a pro be a better bet? Perhaps DIY to replace chipboard then pro to re-felt? Typical cost?

I wonder if when the roof is stripped off shimming under the joists would be a good idea? Or should I just leave as flat?

How ease it is to strip felt layers off with out ripping off the chipboard? I presume I need to get back to base to re-felt.
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If you strip the felt back then you may be able to assess whether just a few boards need changing or the lot. Personally I'd change the lot because it would be better than having to re-felt again in the near future because some boards were 'slightly rotten' but you didn't notice.

However, whatever route you go down you may find that some companies will not re-felt a roof that has been reboarded by people other than themselves...

The reason for this is that if something goes wrong down the line then whose fault is it? Yours for not boarding correctly or theirs because of the felt application?

Don't board on top of the existing as this will be problematic for a number of reasons.

Can't tell you the cost - as one of the other trade guys has mentioned previously the phrase would be - can't see it can't quote it.
Hi i suggest getting a few prices. My game is lead roofing, but it never fails to amaze how cheap felt roofer are. The job you describe and the problems of removing kit from garage stack up to problems. Flat roofers would strip fit firings, board and felt it in a good day, job done
Good Luck

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