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24 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
I didnt know which was the best forum to porst this in - garden or building.

I have just moved into a new house, there is a nice block paved drive leading into a block paved patio at the rear of the house, the patio is one block higher than the drive so you step up onto it.. The problem is that the person who laid the blocks didnt put the correct fall on them so water pools on the rear patio. They did ensure that there was adequate fall away from the house though so at least the water isnt sitting next to that.

I need to think about putting in proper drainage, I was thinking of a gully in the middle of the block paving patio (where the water pools) that leads onto some drainage pipe that i would install down the side of the house under the block drive and connect it to the rainwater downpipe at the front of the house. I am thinking that lifting the soldier course of blocks that rests against the side of the house would be easiest.

I want the guly that I put into the middle of the blocks to be able to cope with another drainage connection from the garden at a later date since that seems quite water logged.


Does this arrangement sound sensible?

Will the existing downpipe drain handle the extra water that is going to be added to it?

How deep would i need to bury the drain pipe?

Is it a DIY job to connect this new drainpipe into the existing rainwater downpipe?

Should I use perforated or solid pipe - thinking that this pipe will be laid very close to the side of the house.

What else do i need to think about?


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Dont soppose you have nay pictures of the area? With the water settled that you want to drain?

How big of a serface area are we talking about?

A soakaway might just do the job???

Im sure there is some regulation on new builds, and additions to existing that you should (or must) have rainwater going into a soakaway rather than the drain sewers....
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Thanks for the reply...

No pics as yet, sorry.

The surface that holds the water is not that large, say 3m x 5m.

According to the paving expert site, a soakaway would be useless in clay soil... the fact that the water doesnt soak-away from the blocks probaly means that it wont soak away from a big hole either.

Regs wise I am unsure, this is an established property with dual waste manholes (in Scotland)

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