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9 Nov 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I'm planning on building my wife a hair salon in our garden so she can work from home. I have a very long garden in a 30s semi, 90metres long but only 7 wide (in parts). I need to put services in for it which is a whole other issue.
My initial thoughts are:

1. Shed
2. Fancy shed - ie. Summerhouse
3. Conservatory

I like the 3rd option as second hand they're available and sturdy, I could take some fence out and build a wall to attach it to, and then tile and insulate the roof. Can anybody tell me about building regs on this?
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Building regs for conservatories are normally exempt up to a certain size, but because you are thinking of running a business from there, you may need planning permission regardless. There are other things to check too, like permission from your mortgage provider if you have one.

Best thing really is to get in touch with your council before you get going. They will be able to advise you better as all councils have their own criteria.

Edited to add as I forgot
If you have neighbours and your fence you wish to take out is next to their garden, you probably should get permission from your neighbours. Have a look at the party wall act for info.
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Would the clients' access the salon from the front of the house, or via a rear garden entrance?
Have you checked if you need permission for this "commercial use"?
Will your clients arrive by public transport or private car? Is there sufficient parking on your site or in the area to accommodate this activity?
Hi thanks for your replies.

Firstly I feel I may have oversold the commercial value of this venture, she'd be operating as a mobile hairdresser from home (if that makes sense). 1 or 2 clients at the most at any point in time. We have a long drive, and they would access the salon through the side gate then walk down the garden path to the building. I'd use clever planting to almost camouflage the building from the house.

Also the path isn't in yet so I thought I could use this to lay utility pipes under.

We'd like it to be a separate building to an extension so she can separate work from family.
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It doesn't matter about 1 or 2 clients at any time, it's a business and you really should get in touch with the council. I also doesn't matter if you camouflage the heck out of it!
Worst case would be they insist you take it down after you've spent thousands if you needed permission and didn't apply.

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