Gas Safety Inspection Report For New House - Advice Please

21 Sep 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some advice. I am purchasing a new house, which was built around 1991, so I suspect the boiler is about the same age.
My surveyor recommended I get the boiler inspected as it is an old model and "will not be able to source the parts in the event of a breakdown".

The seller of the house has said he knows a corgi gas fitter, so will get the inspection done himself, which he has done and then given me the report.
The boiler is (as stated on the Flue Gas Analysis) an "Apollo 30/50".
Here is what is written on the FGA:

Press: working/operating
Fuel: Natural gas
O2 (%) ....... 5.1
CO (ppm) ..... 88
CO2 (%) ....... 9.0
Ratio ............ 0.0010
Pressure (mBar) .... -0.06
Temp net (C) ....... 80
Temp flue (C) ........ 98
Eff net (%) ......... 96.5
XS air (%) ........... 32.1

What raised my suspicions is that the efficiency here says 96.5%, and I know (thanks to google) these old boilers operate at around 70% efficiency.
Also when I input the corgi reg number on the gas safe register website, it says this operator was not found.

I suppose my question is, is this normal, and I'm being paranoid? Or is there real cause for concern?

Any advice is greatly appreciated,

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Hmm a couple of things - firstly, Corgi went west two and a half years ago, so if this guy really is claiming to be Corgi registered rather than Gas Safe then something isn't right. His Corgi number won't work on the Gas Safe website, even if it is current (some people still choose to be Corgi even though it doesn't mean anything any more), you need his Gas Safe number.

You are quite right that the boiler is around 70% efficient (72% as it goes, unless you're unlucky and have one of the old Thorn ones that were 65%), however the efficiency rating on the FGA sheet is not an indication of overall efficiency, IIRC it relates to combustion efficiency which is a bit different.

Also, I would be asking for more than just a FGA for an inspection report, you want to know the general condition. Personally I'd be looking to engage an independent engineer who has no previous ties to either of you.

Finally, parts are still generally available although becoming rarer, but I think your surveyor is covering his a$$ by suggesting you won't be able to get any
Hi Muggles I can't think why the O.P. hasn't thanked you yet but I doubt that anyone could post a better-considered answer to his question.
Perhaps because I was eating my dinner ;) , but thanks muggles.

I'll call and ask for the gas safe number first I think. I made a successful inspection a condition of sale, so if it is falsified then I should be able to pursue it further.

Thanks again :)
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You should certainly chase up the registration issue. Best by phone to G-S.

Its almost certainly an error of some kind. No imposter would normally have an expensive flue gas analyser. Try using a name or other check and use the find an installer on the G-S site.

Even if the report was by an imposter it makes no difference to you as a purchasor. You are still buying a house with an old boiler.

But with a replacement boiler only costing about £1500 thats pretty irrelevant to what you must be paying for the house.

By the way a house built in 1991 is not new! Its 20 years old !

Tony Glazier
I would hazzard a guess & say those FGA reading were taken from a premix burner , certainly not an apollo. ;)
I would hazzard a guess & say those FGA reading were taken from a premix burner , certainly not an apollo. ;)
Apollo with a flue temp. of 98degrees ??

I would get your own report comissioned on this boiler.
To be truthful, as Tony said, it is almost irrelevant. It is an old boiler. Unless the house is a walk in and live condition, you will possibly be doing some decorating or refurbing, and it wouod be common sense to fit a new boiler.

Alternatively, if th e above does not apply, then why not ask the vwendor if you can engage your own RGI and g4et a second opinion?
I bet he's trying to get money off his purchase price. Oldest trick in the book.
I bet he's trying to get money off his purchase price. Oldest trick in the book.

Well if I buy it and i'm going to incur a near £2k cost, of course I would ask for that cost to be mitigated, i'm not stupid!

Thanks for your replies guys.

Better get the drains surveyed and be able to knock off another £k or so - glad you`re not buying my house :mrgreen:
I wouldn't normally bother but it was sold 'recently renovated' and he tried to tell me that boiler was Band A. I might just get a new boiler anyway, but you shouldnt try to mislead your buyers.
If he's pulling a fast one I don't blame you.

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