Get sky installer in or independant fitter?

5 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
hi, hoping for some advice :D

We have just had our house renovated and rewired. In the process the electrician ran coax leads to all rooms from the cellar. They are not terminated in the cellar but just hanging loose. He said we could get an ariel person in to put an ariel on the roof and the lead from this would go to the cellar and the ariel guy can hook them up to the other leads via some sort of distribution box.

We also want sky. We have an old sky box but no dish on the house. I spoke to sky and they said they could get us sky+ box and we could use our old box for multiroom which sounds good. They said fitting would be free but I know this will just be for the two rooms where the sky boxes are.

What we would want is the sky linking to the coax some how so the signal from both boxes can be transmitted through the house.

To do that am I best to:
1. Get an independant fitter to put an ariel up and link it to the coax in the cellar then call sky.
2. Get sky in first and then an independandant fitter at a later date and he would have to somehow hook the sky and coax in.
3. Get an independant fitter to do all of it?

If 3 - can they supply the sky plus box and dish?

Thanks in advance :)
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To be honest, I'd get SKY in to get one of the boxes installed, if you search around online there are usually codes which will result in your fitting being free.

I'd then get an independant guy in to run the RF feed from your skybox to an RF Dist / Amp in the cellar, since it's only a bit of cable and an amp it won't be massively expensive, heck you might even be able to do it yourself if you are happy with a bit of DIY :D

Make sure when you get the new skybox installed that it is relatively close to one of the Coax feeds, this gives you an easy way to run the signal down to the cellar to feed all of the other rooms.

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