getting rid of artex

6 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
In 2 weeks we should be moving,

once we do i have a artex ceiling to get rid of! i was thinking the options are

1 Get a plasterer to plaster over the artex.

2 Sand or scrap off the high spots and get a plasterer to skin the area.

3 Board the whole ceiling and again get it skimmed.

4 Sand it down, fill it, mess around with it for days......

what do you guys recon?

btw the room is 4mx8m
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last option you want is sanding! for many reasons, the most important is that it could contain asbestos so leave well alone.

it's possible to steam it off like you would wallpaper but depends on the paint you have on it and it's messy, but would mean that there's no chance of it failing when being plastered, albeit a small chance.

so overall i agree with AR, just make a call and get it done for you.
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I heard that skiming over artex can caause problem with the new plaster due to air bubbles, etc or is this the worse case? as I am actually trying to get rid of artex ceilings aswell.
You can get a problem if you don't seal up the artex at least the day before with diluted PVA or SBR; or use Bondit etc. The Artex may get damp and come away from ceiling. Old paper tapes may also come away if damp gets to them.

Apasrt from that, as the others say, then no worries
scrape off any loose/flaking artex then a couple of coats of pva, let it dry overnight, then another coat of pva let it go tacky then plaster.

if the artex is that heavy a coat of bonding plaster first if required.

beat me to it micilin. :D
One thing you have to watch for is that the ceiling may have been artexed because it was in poor shape. If the artex pattern is deep then you'll need a lot of plaster. If you use 4 bags then that weight is more than your body weight. Will your old cracking ceiling take your body weight - or will the whole lot come down? Press the ceiling to see if it is firm. If it has lots of sag then it might be an old lath and plaster ceiling that is failing. If the house is modern then it was just done as a 'feature' and you can go ahead ok.

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