Glow worm ultracom hxi with Climapro2 RF

25 Nov 2014
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United Kingdom
I'm having real problems with my boiler with getting heat and hot water. Previously hot water has been fine and heating has been coming on as demanded but due to weather compensation it's not coming upto temp.

I've had the outdoor temp sensor in the freezer for last 24hours and seems to have improved the heating but now have ho hot water.

Not sure if if changed a setting in the boiler menu by mistake but not the mid position valve seems to go to heat only and not move if heat or/and hot water is demanded. This has resulted in loads of heat when eather heat or hot water is demanded but no hot water.

Any suggestions on doing a full factory reset on the boiler and Climapro system.
I have tried doing a factory reset on the boiler using d.96 setting to 1 which looks to have reset the settings I have knowingly changed. But still no hot water or control of the mid position valve actuator
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