Gloworm Betacom 24C combi pressure problem, help please.

11 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi folks, can anybody advise me regarding my GloWorm Betacom 24c condensing combi boiler please?

It is just over two years old and out of warranty and recently the boiler was drained to add a new radiator. Upon filling to 1.5 bar and firing up all seemed ok and I left the boiler in the hands of the tenant. He has contacted me to state the boiler wont fire up after he has had it running for a while.

The symptoms are when cold and upon first inspection are water pressure is close to 0bar and upon filling and pressurising to 1.5 bar the boiler will fire and run. After 5-10 mins the radiators get hot but the water pressure increases into the red zone (not sure but possibly 4-6bar) and water can be seen escaping outside from the overflow pipe. Am I correct in my assumption it is a flat or split expansion vessel? Nobody has tampered with the vessel valve so I am on the side that it is split.

Does anybody know if it is the expansion vessel and if it can be relaced without boiler removal?

Also because the tenant has a habit of tampering with the filling loop could overfilling and overpressurising the system cause the vessel to split?

Any assistance will be very much appreciated.
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