Glowworm 40FF buzzing noise

2 May 2007
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United Kingdom
Boiler is 13 years old. All works fine, serviced by BG every year.

Turned power off at switch for 2 week holiday. Turned back on and buzzing noise comes from base of boiler lasted about 2 mins and then all fine and no noise since (this was about 3 months ago).

Powercut other day off for 5 mins, power back on buzzing noise for 20 seconds then all fine.

So turned off for couple of hours and back on buzzing noise for about 40 seconds.

The buzz seems to relate to the time off! Any ideas what it could be, its as if a clock is spinning, creating loud buzz, to fire it up, sound like from the control unit area where the power dial is set to medium,high. off,etc.

At all times boiler is off for heat and water when this power is turned off and on.

Whilst here are BG correct that parts cannot be obtained for the 40FF anymore as online they seem to be available.

Thanks for any advice.
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Alex BG are rip off merchants and want to sell you a new boiler!
Most parts you would need are available.
If the noise could be described as Chattering, it's the PCB. If it's a Buzz then you will need a gas engineer to replace all or part of your gas valve.
Both parts readily available.
Just re-read your post and it sounds to me like the PCB. There is a relay on it not latching properly.
Is that something that can be fixed or is the PCB about to fail?

Also if I never turn it off it won't happen as far as I can see!?

Thanks again
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The pcb is faulty the relay is failing on it, if you order another one look at your old one first as you can get a 1 fuse or 2 fuse pcb
OK so it is a new PCB. This will be fun as it is covered by BG who claim they cannot get any parts for it at last service! But there are plenty online from what I can see.

If I hadn't turned the power off I'd have never known as it only does it when the mains power is switched off / on.
Bg don't use the internet for parts and also why are you paying for a cover if they won't fit any parts? Money for nothing if you ask me.
A lot of the parts for the 40ff are now obsolete.

However the PCB is still available as I fitted one yesterday to a customers boiler, and I'm a BG engineer.

Once again the registered RGI's on this section of the forum are bitching about BG because they're sat at home bored and with no work to do.
Once again the registered RGI's on this section of the forum are **** about BG because they're sat at home bored and with no work to do.

You could make that point. But equally a bored RGI's retort might be-

'Once again the BG man being Mr Big about all the work he has to kowtow for, for s*** rates cos' he ain't go the bottle to find his own'.

Not necessarily my view but some might say.
Not been on the forum for along time. disappointed to see that engineers both BG and RGI's still fighting like girls.
People who raise a thread want help not bitching....We all have our strong and weak points but does seem like RGI's are a little sensitive. Logging out for good.
Replaced the PCB on my daughters Ultimate 40FF last winter as it was "Chattering" in the early hours when not calling for heat or hot water.
As stated before there are 2 PCB's for the Ultimate models. One has 1 Fuse and 5 wires and the other 2 Fuses and 7 wires.
Anyone clever enough with a soldering iron and some electronics knowledge should be able to work out which electrolytic capacitor needs replacing.

But in this case BG will just replace the PCB.

They're coming next week so they shouldn't say can't get!

Thanks all for help. I'll let you know what BG say.

BG said as I have heat and hot water not urgent, suppose that OK as I am ok and noise only if switched off at mains.
Since it would normally not be switched off at the mains it sounds very non urgent.

Possibly to the extent that it does not even need to be fixed.


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