Golf mk5 tdi 2.0 clutch release bearing

5 Feb 2005
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United Kingdom
Golf mk5 tdi 2.0, 150k, 18 yrs old.

The clutch release bearing is making an unhealthy noise. I've been told it's the bearing. Original clutch.

Symptoms: if you press the clutch down and hold it about 20% down, it makes a rough "knackered bearing" noise. YouTube videos confirm the noise.

The car only need to last 6 months till my new car arrives.

I don't wasn't to spend any money on the golf.

What's the risks of leaving as is? Will it just be noisy or am I at risk if catastrophic failure and car disassembing on the motorway?
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The bearing could moan on for ages, no one really knows!
However, disastrous failure is unlikely so I’d leave it be unless it really starts complaining.
Give it an easy time by not holding the pedal down when you are in a queue, engage neutral instead.
It might get better. I’ve bought a Sachs clutch kit with DMF to fit in our 1.9 TDI Golf. I paid £250 for it last September when it felt a bit slippy. It seems to have got better. I reckon the car will be banned under the new ULEZ rules before I get round to fitting it!
Mine failed at just over 150K, Ended up with a complete DMF (it had seized solid), clutch, thrust, fork, and some small clips and cable ends.

It had been rattly for a while (but quieter when pedal depressed) and the clutch pedal was high, when I bought it... 10 years ago.

If you are getting rid... you might as well risk it, and leave it alone.
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Yes, conked out, had to get towed home. No bang, just struggled to get it in gear at traffic lights... next minute, couldn't engage any gear...

Had it repaired, drives better than it ever has, so must have been knacked for a long time.