Greek airline crash

My first flight was in an Auster ... 3 of us lads plus the pilot, I was in front and quite happy ;) to be able to see the ground whizz, ok trundle, past through the floor around the rudder pedal area .... ten bob for half an hour in old money, sometime around '60 .....
Next and much more refined was a twin engined 'De-Havilland Dove' good days.
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nah the best I get is with the pc game version .

but I quite like the look of Copters ... of course for me a good heli sim ?

the best flying sim for me was IL-2 Sturmovik PC Game, the real life mode is very scarey in it an you get to shoot Nazis/facists in it ,which is a bonus ..
Just for those who like the idea that there may be more to things than there first appears, I humbly submit the following from the BBC website today....

Autopsies have been conducted on all 118 bodies found at the crash site north of Athens. But three - including the captain's - are still missing.


The pilots of two Greek F-16s that shadowed the airliner just before the crash said they saw the co-pilot slumped over the controls and the captain was missing from the cockpit.

Hmmmmm......Just need to think of a motive now..
the latest report has found that it may have ran out of fuel !! all seems a bit weird.:cool:
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