green houses and tomatoes

30 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
I know prices are taboo on here but can anyone give me a guide price for a beginners greenhouse?
Im not asking for make and price or adverts etc.
Just wondering if we are talking 100 pounds or five hundred pounds or what?
All it would be for is to grow tomatoes as my sons eat so many of the ones on the vine as they like the fact that they still smell of tomatoes and taste good.

Are they easy to grow? do you buy seeds or plants already grown?

Are they high maintainance?

what sort are fool proof ?
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Greenhouses, certainly more towards to £500 mark. Tomatoes, buy them as plants, and grow them in bags. Tomatoes are very hungry and thirsty plants, lots of water, lots of feed. Don't know if you have the space, but maybe look at polytunnels instead?

Are they easy to grow, well. yes, but if you want good crops from them they need very consistent watering and feeding.
Was considering for boys 9th birthday but that is too much money.
Space isnt a problem, are tunnels cheaper?
Certainly size for size they are cheaper, and you can move / dimantle them.
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For the youngster, you can buy a little thing like a transparent cupboard that you put against the side of the house. far cheaper and easier, but will grow a few plants and have the same educational and interest value.

You can also move it to the sunniest spot.
You could check you local site or your local adtrader, or even ebay and you might get a greenhouse free or for £50-£100.

Loads of people get rid of them when they move house and the previous owners had one and they no longer require them.

You can get a good one for about £300
we are in the north of England, Cumbria.
I was fancying one of those cupboard type things but mentioned this at work and one chap said he'd had one for his kids but unfortunately the weather was too windy here and it got destroyed.
Would it be ok to grow a couple of plants on his bedroom window (south facing) in pots as a starter?
absolutley. Many tomato varieties will quite happily grow outside in a sunny shaded spot. Start them off indoors and then transplant them outside letting them harden off.

you could also grow tumbling tomatoes as they can be grown in pots and dont need support. theyre very easy to grow and produce lovely cherry tomatoes.

Potatoes in a big pot, courgettes and beans are all fairly easy to grow as well, and will be happy outside
will we need to protect them from birds?

(dont know if birds eat toms)
no not really, more problem from snails and greenfly, but there not a great problem. There all pretty quick growing and it will give the kids an intrest, especially if you start them off from seed inside. Give them a couple of trays each and get them to water them and look after them (toms should start to germinate after about 6-7 days and beans after about 3-4) Theyll love growing them and its a good way to introduce them to veggies as theyll love eating them! (im assuming there little kids)

also buy the seeds rather than the plants as youll get more for your money
Great Information on the above posts, as I too are starting to grow tomotaoes, infact just came back with some plants,on the kitchen windowcill at the moment,got the growbag, but waiting a few days before I put them in it, I havent a greenhouse, or anything as yet, as waiting to see if I have greenfingers before I get into too deep.

Like the links that the above poster put, showing the items from argos, didnt think of that, but a very good idea, so will see how my tomatoes do, and peppers before I go for the big stuff. :D
if youre growing them in growbags, be mindful they dry out quick and use up the nutrients in them quickly

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