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1 May 2006
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United Kingdom
Has anyone used Green Thumb if so what are their experiences?

I emailed them for a free lawn survey included my address and phone number no response for 4 days so I emailed again thinking it went into their spam folder or something still no response and I gave up, about a week later I had a lawn survey report through my door which they must have done while we were out.

They identified the lawn suffers from Fusarium and heavy compaction and pretty much every weed on the list.

The lawn is covered in weeds and every couple of months I put down a lawn treatment evergreen or what ever is on offer and I'm fed up just want a weed free lawn that grows evenly hence my email to green thumb.

They recommend :

Hollow-Tine Aeration £40 due to heavy compaction
Scarification £60 - due to Medium surface thatch
T1 Treatment £20

I assume the T1 treatment is for the weeds and the rest will help the grass grow, out of interest what is Fusarum?

Garden is approx 60ft long just wondered if this sounded reasonable?
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I personally haven't used them, but know people who have used them, and they have all been pleased with them. Haven't heard any horror stories

What they suggest sounds fine, but you could do it yourself. Hollow tine Aeration is easy with one of these pictured on the right. Back fill the holes with lawn dressing, available from garden stores. Improve general lawn condition with the pricker, pictured in the middle. Both involve investment, but can be used time and time again.

The simplist way to eradicate weeds is regular close mowing with a cylinder type mower. Any stubborn ones should be manually removed with the likes of a long screwdriver.

Whether you invest in the tools, or get them to do it is your decision. However, once weeds are under control they genrally dont come back if you maintain your lawn regularly. At this time of year, that can mean a daily check.

The fusarium disease is a fungus type disease probably caused by the snow, and the very cold winter. There are heaps of pages on it via google.
"hollow tine aeration"? looks like you could give the grandkids an apple corer each and tell them to go nuts on the lawn... :)
Thanks I think I'll get them to do the hard work and I'll try to just maintain it once weeds are under control. Dont want a bowling green just a weed free green lawn!
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I've used them for a year now. Seem very good to me.
I was recommended them by a friend who was a keen gardener who found they would do the same job on his garden for less money than it cost him to buy the stuff LOL :LOL:

We used to have loads of weeds in the grass (can't really refer to it as a lawn ;) ) - but now (when we have enough rain :LOL: ) it's nice and green and no weeds or moss to speak of...

we have about 350 m² of grassed area and cost is about £38 per visit £76 for hollow tine aeration - that reminds me actually - haven't paid them for last visit - must get that done ;)

I've used them. No horror stories.

The hollow tine aeration is worthwhile if your lawn is really compacted (mine's heavy clay) as it stops waterlogging and associated diseases. Once done should last for years. Doing it yourself with a tool like Taycast suggests will take you forever on a large lawn and if it's really compacted you will have a lot of difficulty getting it stamped well in anyway. Waste of time trying to fill the holes with anything. Unless your lawn is bald it won't brush in and even if it does it won't do any good - only works on golf course greens..

I don't agree that they're particularly cost effective. Their blurb says that they will do the weedkilling/fertilising for less than you will pay for the materials. I costed it up at about 50% more, but their treatments work better both on the weeds and for sure on the moss.

Do what I did - use them to knock it into shape then DIY - you can always get them back for future problems.

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