Grundfos pump..

You know your system water is very very dirty.

Do the job properly, drain it down, lengthen the pipes and fit a 130mm pump and new gates.

Add x400 when you're refilling and then rinse in a month.
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The 15-50 is the performance, as already stated. x18 is the distance between the two ports in centimetres. This would suggest that the pump is very old as current pumps are only 13cm between ports (shown as 130 on the pump), so you would need an adapter to fill the 5cm gap. Alternatively, if the valves need replacing, the pipes can be lengthened.

The UPS2 15-50/60 is the correct replacement. The UPS 15-50 and 15-60 no longer meet EU standards for energy consumption..
Just a thought and maybe someone can answer this for me..
If the pump needs replacing and the distance difference between ports on a x18cm and a new Grundfos 13cm is 5cm , would or could l just replace the head .
Will a 130 Grundfos head fit onto the X18 base so l don't need to disconnect or alter the pipe..
Just a thought.. What do you think, or better still know.
do the job right and stop trying to cut corners , drain the system install new Gate valves and a new Grundfoss pump, add cleanser re fill run for a few weeks drain again and add inhibitor and re fill and it will see you good for years stop dicking around looking for a cheap way to do it
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Lord knows where you get them though ;).
I'm sure Tony will report back and inform us where you can buy them and prove you wrong lol
He's probably got a stock of them under his bed
Think the last 180 pump I changed was an old Commodore pump big heavy blue thing if I remember correctly must have been 25 years ago, I have been a gas engineer for 36 years and can count on one hand how many 180 pumps I have come across
Thank you Dan for finding that listing!

Makes me wonder where some of these people like Steelmasons have been working if they don't encounter them and pretend they don't know about them!

I probably have one in stock too like DP. Just like having a Pump Plan control box ready for when its needed.

But I seem to remember that BES used to have 50 mm extension pieces to convert 130 mm pumps into 180 mm length.

Doesn't Steelmason know about them either?

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