Hanging kitchen wall cabinets from stud partition

even if you do seem reluctant to accept that there are NO fixings/fittings supplied with the cabinet. It is an Ikea unit. They don't supply fixings.

What you mean to say is that you've lost the fittings. Ikea have there own type of wall unit bracket.

Now put a sodding wood screw through it and fix into the stud, slide the white plastic cover over it.

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i think the problem is you are trying to get an answer to help you solve the the problem the way you want to rather than the correct way thus the extra questions and misunderstandings

No, the problem is that there are far too many people on this site who are incapable of giving a simple answer to a simple question. If you don't have an answer then don't respond, it's not complicated.

My solution is simples...

fix the f**king cabinet and make sure it is sound.
if ye canne do it then get someone who can :)
I fink the answer lies in the soil. :rolleyes:

Us country folk would plant a row of trees, then when they get big en, cut da tops off and balance the cupboards on them trunks.

The alternative to save waiting around for da trees, is plant the fork in the worktop to prop the corner up.

brilliant doitall :D :D :D :D
missed your reply
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May i respectfully suggest that if you have difficulty reading the post properly perhaps you shouldn't bother posting a reply. What's the point in giving your 'advice' for free if that advice is totally irrelevant? I specifically asked whether there was any particular screw which would do the job. I didn't ask whether anyone thought i should rip out all the wall anchors and start all over again!
Can i ask a question without getting my head ripped of? Why do you want a long screw? It don't follow that the longer the screw the more chance the cabinet will stay on wall.Whatever anchor you put in wall the chance of it ripping out is high with a heavy cabinet
Now stop squabbling children

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