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18 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom
I need some repair work carrying out to the roof of my small victorian mid-terrace. The structural survey highlighted the flashings need replacing and the parapet walls repairing / bringing up to spec.

I've had 2 roofing comapines visit and quote (both NFRC and Trustmark members)... but not being technically verse in roofing talk i'm not sure if both remedial recommendations are a like for like, or which quote seems best in terms of cost or the solution and materials they are recommending:

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––


To be erected to the front elevation of the main building, fully equipped with 1 lift of boards, handrail, all the necessary ladders, wheels and falls, to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.
Remove defective lead flashings and sand and cement fillets from the junctions of the parapet walls and front section of chimneystack, when removing fillets tiles will break along all wall sides; replace tiles with matching interlocking tiles. Dress and fit BS 4 code lead step and cover flashings turned up to parapet wall sides by 150mm and return into brickwork chase by 25mm. Dress over tiles by 150mm, plugged into joints of brickwork with lead plugs and pointed with flashpoint lead sealant with a high movement capacity, which allows for a flexible waterproof joint.
Cut off oversailing courses to internal walls. Hack off any loose and perished rendering and rub down walls. Unibond brickwork and securely fit all necessary stop and angle beads. Apply 1 scratch coat and 1 finish coat in soft sharp sand and cement lime based mortar mix, with the appropriate hardeners and Sovereign waterproof additives added, leaving a fine and even surface. 3
Remove defective copingstones, clean away defective mortar from top of brickwork and apply a sand and cement bed of mortar to top of brickwork, leaving a smooth and even surface and leave to dry. Lay damp proof membrane to brickwork ready to receive new copingstones.
Bed and point new twice weathered 360mm concrete pre-formed coping stones to the parapet walls with all the necessary water drips, in 4 and 1 sharp sand and cement based mortar mix with the appropriate hardeners added. Provide all necessary lead saddles to junctions of chimneystacks and walls, where necessary.

Total including VAT £3250.00



A: 4 No. Abutment Wall Flashings to the Main Roof

Erect scaffolding to front elevation
Remove the defective flashing from the abutment walls and lower to ground level
Grind chases in brick joints of chimney stacks and abutment walls, in prep for new flashings
Wedge in prepared chases new Code 4 lead aprons and side step flashings, dressed down over the roof tiling
Re-point prepared chases with sand and cement mortar mix

B. Front and Rear Right Hand Side Elevation Coping Ridge to the Abutment Walls

Bed and point to the top of the abutment walls, new blue/black clay 135degree angle coping ridge

Total including VAT £3434.00

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––

A couple of things that jump out at me...

• Quote 2 section B - do they mean the repairs will only be carried out to the right hand parapet / abutment wall and not both sides?

• The two companies have recommended different coping material... Concrete vs. Blue/Black Clay. What's best?

Just as a side note, the damp we have is in the front bedroom only, not at the back of the house... and we are looking to add a rear dorma loft conversion in a few years. So most of the work suggested is focused on the front.

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OP, after going to all that trouble posting such detailed info, why not post some comprehensive pics of the situation?

Why was a structural survey done? Can you quote from it?
The only real difference is as you say the choice of copings or ridges to cap the wall. I think the angled ridges would look better but that is a personal opinion.

I would say that both of the quotes are very expensive and must be from big companies.
If you went to a small company the price would probably be about 2.5K. The price for a new roof would be about 6K
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I actually had 3 quotes in total... the 3rd was for £5.5k so immediately discounted!

All 3 companies are relatively small family run businesses I found through Trustmark and the NFRC (we are East London based if that makes a difference?)

The roof was the only repairs our mortgage provider insisted we had done within 3 months of purchase (deadline now fast approaching).

Where next then for cheaper quotes? Non NFRC/Trustmark companies?
We have a builder on site doing internal renovation... I asked him about roof repairs, he said his team could do it (non NFRC but he his FMB registered), but started talking about Fibreglass roof trims instead of lead flashings which put me off!
OP, dont get carried away with all this NFRC/Trustmark business. Many excellent roofers are out there, they belong to no organisation. All the rip-off's in the world join these outfits because it gives them cover & credibility.
Judge the roofers by: "would you want your kid's to work for them?"

1. there's no need for a DPC below any new copings.
2. Your roof is a sprocket roof - change of pitch near the eaves.
3.The change of pitch line needs to be examined and carefully detailed.
4. why are the ridge tiles tilted at either end of the ridge?
5. photo 4 appears to show the parapet leaning to the left?
6. photos 2 & 5 - left hand parapet: shows water is leaking behind the fascia (pic 3) and gutter seems to be spilling down the elevation.
7. parapet work on neighbour's side requires neighbour's consent.
8. condition of the roof felt lapping into the gutter should be examined.
9. The bay roof covering should be examined - pics please.
10. are the bay gutter clips fixed to the bay?
11. is the whole gutter fixed to falls?
12. Whats the condition of the stack flaunchings?
13. what exactly is going to be hacked off and re-rendered?

FWIW: modern practice is for roofers to give before and after pics.

Why not discuss this with your current builder, tell them what you want, and see what he quotes - show the builder this thread.
Our current builder on site has quote £2.3k for the work...

Are you sure we don't need DPC under the coping stones on the parapet walls?
This is a new quote from said builder... thoughts on work list and cost?

Lead flashing
- supply and fit mobile scaffolding to manage the safety work on site (raf. 12m height) to reach and allow the easy access to the roof. Use 4 pack of BS 4 lead flashing 400mm x 6m
-supply and fit a new lead flashing all around of the chimney stack and both side of the pitched roof
-clean gutters, down pipes

Prepare the external parapet wall on both side with PVA and apply 1 scratch coat and 1 finish coat in soft sharp sand and cement based mortar mix.

Coping stones
-Remove loose copingstones, clean away the mortar from top of brickwork. -Lay damp proof membrane to brickwork ready to receive new copingstones and lay down the new coping stones.
-re-pointing the necessary bricks.

The price and listed work is fine, but I worry if he is competent to do the work as he listed a very unusual size of lead.
Normally 300mm code 4 lead would be used.

Is there any way i can vet this? We're really up against it as the roofing work needs to start tomorrow if we're in any hope of getting the internal rooms plastered and finished for next Friday (move in date).

Sadly my 4 (pro) roof quotes came back way too high... and i just don't think we have the time to chase new quotes and get the job finished in time!

As my builders work is guaranteed and they are on site now perhaps we could get him to do the roof repairs and have it independently checked by a roofer when the full house is completed? If any works was done incorrectly we get him back in to make amends?
Above i gave you a comprehensive list of defects, and asked some questions. You neither acknowledged my post, answered the questions nor offered thanks for the interest shown in your project.

I suppose it takes all sorts to make a world, including ingrates.

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