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Help for L + R-handed engineered flooring fitment

Discussion in 'Floors, Stairs and Lofts' started by Potatan, 29 Oct 2020.

  1. Potatan


    13 Dec 2004
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    United Kingdom

    I'm looking at buying some surplus engineered flooring to do my hallway. Picture attached.

    Link to online product

    The person selling it has had it fitted in a herringbone pattern and the plank-boxes are marked Left and Right, which I assume means the tongues are something like Top+Right on one orientation, and Left+Bottom on the other.

    My hallway is a bit narrow for a herringbone pattern, unless I wanted a single 5 metre chevron pointing towards the front door, so I want to know if I can lay the planks brick-style, just overlapping each by half the length? Or does the Left/Right hand distinction only work when laying them in a heringbone?

    I think I would need to lay a full hall-length of Left-handed planks, then a layer of right-handed, but with the planks rotated 180 degrees so the long RH tongue is on the correct side for the LH groove, and the top tongues are the same for each plank in that hall-length strip. Make sense?

    Am I likely to run into problems?


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