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24 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
I have just bought a new light switch(double switch)one of these switches run the outside light and the other runs the living room light, the living room light has another switch on the other wall. when i took off the old switch off i decided who ever fitted it had done it wrong(what a big mistake that was LOL). Anyway at the moment the left switch is acting as a go between(if you want the outside light to work turn it on and for the inside light to work turn it off,the right switch turns these lights off and on) I have look at a few diagrams but it still doesnt make sense to me.All i can remember is that the red wire was linked somewhere and also the yellow wires where twisted together and rammed some where.I have 2 main leads each with a red,blue and yellow wire on each,also the main earths from both which is earth to the light switch itself, if anyone can help, please do as this will stop the wife nagging............
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The reason you F'd up is cos you're doing this at this time!!!!

Why did you think it was fitted wrong if it worked right?

You have got the feed and switchwires mixed up.

You need a multimeter set to AC voltage in the range of 240.

You need to ascertain which conductor is the live feed to the switch.

You say the outside light is one way (only controlled from one switch) and the other has two switch positions?

Once you have found which the feed is, you're on your way. But there are many different ways to wire switches. That feed wire could just feed the outside light, or it could strap across to the lounge light, too. Is there a three-core and earth wire in the switch (red/yellow/blue or brown/black/grey)?

How many twin and earths are there and/or how many singles?

Maybe it is best if you post a picture.
I believe the living room light is being fed from the other switch in the room and the other cable is going directly to the outside light.2 separate cables red yellow blue and 1 chucky cable which is yellow and green..........


I will post a picture tomorrow when its light lol, if no one can help the good news is if i leave the double switch alone(off), the dimmer switch i fitted on the other wall controls the living room lights fine.......yippee


Also got a new cooker coming today, bought a 64 amp wire for a 32 amp fuse should be plain sailing i hope, i remember the last cooker that came it had an earth on it and a red and black wires on the back, the lead i bought has an earth of course plus a brown and blue wire, i should think brown to red and blue to black?????????? or am i totally wrong again hmmmmmmm........


bornagain please note forum rule 10a, which is here
A picture is going to speak a thousand words here, but if the internal light is working normally, with the exception that your outside light needs to be off for it to work at all, and you kind of remember a small red link wire in the switch, I would hazard a guess at the following.......

The small red wire provides the permanent llive from the exterior light switch to the two-way switching for the internal light. Instead of connecting it to the COM port of the exterior light switch, you have seen that either L1 or L2 didn't have a wire in it and shoved it in there - It made sense at the time, as the other end went into the L1 or L2 of the two-way switch. However, it means that the internal light circuit now hs a switched live where it should have a permanent one.

This is only a guess though - Working it out with a multimeter is your best option....
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I dont really understand how to post a picture here, i need to set up a website or something,anyway i am going to give my email address so if anyone wants to help me they can email me and i will then email the picture to them, i will explain how it was wired before(at a guess)my email is: any help would be great......


bornagain may i suggest you read 13, 14a which are here also i suggest you read forum information
:D I have done it!!!!!, i closed my eyes and had a good think about how it looked, this is what i done,on one side i had the red lead in the comm and with a small joining lead, led it to the other comm,put both yellows in L1 and the blue in L2, on the other side i put the blue wire in L1 and the remaining red wire in L2 and it now works like it did before..........B A N G.......only joking.......thanks for the help and support........i am now(i believe) a qualified sparky LOL...................WHOOPIE!!!!!!!!!
I can't picture it for the life of me, but as long as it works - Congratulations !!

bornagain said:
if anyone can help, please do as this will stop the wife nagging............

And did it ? Or has she just moved on to something else ?
Just had new carpet laid, the dogs keep bringing in mud, so the answer to the question 'is she still nagging' YES thats my girl,GRRRRR LOL
Does she do this, too?


:LOL: No its not that bad, i am the boss, she does as shes told, but sometimes i let her think shes getting her own way LOL :D
I forgot to say, well its not working perfect, when the dimmer is on(half lighting) when i turn the double switch on it makes the light in the living room go on full(when really it should turn it off i suppose..........anyway who cares........OH YES THE WIFE WATCHED ME WRITE THAT COMMENT, REALLY SHE KNOWS WHOS BOSS, THERE ARE MANY QUOTES IN THE BIBLE(WHICH I KEEP POINTING OUT) THAT SAYS MEN ARE TOP DOG.......................LOL
ban-all-sheds said:
bornagain said:
I forgot to say, well its not working perfect, ....anyway who cares.....
1st thing on Tuesday you must start phoning electricians....

lazy s*ds . . . some of us have to work bank holidays . . . just another day

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