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8 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom

I am about to fit new worktops and have bought a Silverline 1/2" Router. The guide bush that came with the router is only 20mm diameter. I am waiting for the worktop jig to arrive but I believe the slot is 30mm. Have I been sent the wrong guide bush?

The guide bush supplied is a plate 90mm x 50mm with holes at 60mm centers for fixing to the router and the projecting bush is 20mm diameter. Is this any use and if not where can I get a 30mm one that fits the router?

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need to identify your model of router, i would give the manufacturer or the company you bought it off a call for a start.
otherwise there may be a bit of trial and error finding one that fits.
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Hi all,

Just joined the forum hoping to get some helpful advice and assistance!

The router is a Silverline SL196 1/2" router with a three year guarantee so hopefully it will last more than a few weeks.

Thanks to squowse for the reponse and I have already spoken to Toolstation, the vendor, who could not assist and I cannot find a technical help line for the manufacturer.

Any other helpful people on this forum who may have a sensible suggestion?

with any of the smaller manufacturers, its hard to find a gide bush that fits, ive got a black and decker router and ive been looking for a 15mm guide bush, unless you have a trend router or similar its not easy to find guide bush.

you could try one of these then buy a trend guide bush

hope this helps
send it back and get a refund then spend a bit more on something a bit better.
Trend Unibase was a perfect fit. For anyone else with a similar problem I cannot imagine any router that the Unibase will not fit. You then have total flexibility on guide bushes as Trend do them all.

good good, glad youve found a solution, what bits are you using to cut the worktop?

Hi Tom,

I have bought a set of Dewalt cutters. I was advised by a professional kitchen fitter not to waste money on an expensive router, but make sure to buy good cutters. I think this was good advice.

i had one of the silverline routers
it did a 1/2 " cut 8' long through osb board before it blew up

got it exchanged

second one managed about twice the distance before that expired

got it exchanged

gave it away

nuff said
i think you could have got your money back.
i've had a £50 screwfix one for years and it has done loads of hard work without once complaining.
the accuracy in the bearings probably isn't as good as a festool etc; (not htat i've ever noticed it) but the motor is smooth and has plenty of power.
Yes, thanks for that.

I have spent £44 on a router and £20 on a Universal Base and guide bush to make the router work and do the job. The job is now complete and is perfect. I may never use the router again, but if I do and it breaks I have a three year guarantee and will get a new one. I could have spent £300 on a Trend or Dewalt router, with lots of features that I will never use, and I may never use the router again. The job it was bought it for would not be any better with an expensive router.

Like squowse I bought a jig saw and angle grinder from Screwfix about 15 years ago. The jigsaw cost £4.95 and the angle grinder cost £6.49. I bought them both on the basis that if they lasted a week and got the job done I would have been happy to throw them in the bucket. Both still work perfectly and have been available for use whenever I needed them for the past 15 years.

Cost is what you pay and value is what you get.


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