HELP using water softener on dishwasher and washing machine

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8 May 2012
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United Kingdom
I am looking to install a mains water softener at my property as i live in a hard water area and my kids have skin condition. I was at John Lewis looking at washing machine and dishwasher when the sales member of staff made me aware that water softener's should not be used on washing machines / dishwashers as they can make them faulty, especially in washing machines as they had recently experienced 4 washing machines becoming faulty as they had created to too much foam and bubbles in the washing machine. The member of staff then advised me that as this was due to the water softener creating the problem it invalidated the warranty.

I would like to know whether anyone else has had problems or knows of this problem. My understanding was the whole idea and concept of water softener is to reduce chalk and limescale build up and that by using a water softener it would do the same job as the calgon tablets that you add to the washing machine.
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I've never heard this but ask the manufacturer check the manual and as for to much foam...reduce the soap accordingly same for shampoo and washing up liquid....
load of rubbish

yes, you need far less soap and detergent once you have a softener.

I have used a softener for years, washing machine works great, small amount of Persil.
If this were true, it would they would have to change washing machines, for geographic locations, some how I dont think they do. (except for electricity supply)
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