Help with IKEA extractor

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The extractor still has to vent filtered air back into the room......this device seems to vent from the top though it could be possible to cobble something so it could vent through the front of the cabinet.
Personally I wouldn't fit a recirculating extractor - I don't think you'd be impressed with it but it's only my opinion!
John :)
Unit base should be around 800mm above hob, you must have a very low ceiling for that to obstruct the outlet.

Pic please?

Air recirculation is pretty pointless [and no longer permitted in new kitchens]
800mm? that depends on the type of hob, and the manual states 500mm.

The wall units are 1000mm tall are the ceiling are high.
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Dead right (y)
I think the OP will have to reconsider the extractor type if he wants to bash on - I.e one that isn't cabinet mounted.
John :)
800mm? that depends on the type of hob, and the manual states 500mm.

The wall units are 1000mm tall are the ceiling are high.
You would not use a 1000mm unit over a hob.Should be a bridging unit.
The fans are all dual purpose, that’s why they still sell them.
That was a tongue in cheek comment, but although I know they can be vented outside as well as recirculating, the fans in all the ones I have seen are only powerful enough to push air a very short distance ( through a wall, for instance). So I would not consider them practical for most kitchens.
"I want to run it in recirculation mode. But I'm totally confused, it still requires ducting out of the kitchen cabinet? can someone have a look please, my cabinets are flush to the ceiling so this is gonna be an issue".

Picture 22 on page 28 shows that when in reticulation mode they have the chimney pipe simply ending at the top panel of the cabinet so that the blows towards the ceiling (ugggh!).
As others say, recirculation fans are almost pointless. ---- But is this is what you have, my 'bodge' suggestion is as follows.

Your cabinets are flush to the ceiling, so their described method will not work as the chimney pipe will in your case be flush to ceiling and blocked.

So I would get a vent, sick it on the front of the cabinet, and angle the chimney pipe from the fan into the vent.

Suggested vent would be something like this:

A bodge I know.
Are any of the cabinets on an outside wall? With them boing so tall you could run a vent through the cabinets high up and out through the wall.

I'm going to do that with mine to hide the fan and duct.
they serve a purely ornamental function

They have lights on them! The OP might as well just wire up the lights and not bother with the motor and/or charcoal filters if they are going to use recirculation mode, seeing as they don't do anything useful!!

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