Hex head bolts for Bora rear caliper carrier?

17 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
2003 1.9 TDI

Have stripped the rear brakes to sort out a bit of a wine which disappeared every time I pulled the handbrake on.

Turns out a friction lining had come away from the metal plate and all four pads were tight in the carriers. I had a spare pair of pads so fitted them using Ceretec grease and now all is well.

Can the 8mm allen key bolts be replaced with standard hex head bolts?

Simply couldn't get the allen key bolts out. When I so a full disc and pad change, I'll probably need to get the stillson wrench on the job.
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You're taking a chance using non standard bolts because of the tensile strength needed. Get some new VW bolts and a good allen key socket.
Noted, thanks for posting!

When I can get the old carrier bolts out with stillsons when I do pads and discs next, I'll get genuine VW bolts.

I have a set of allen key and spline bits but the bolts are too rusted in.

I reckon they were put back in without being wired brush last time they taken out. Bolt ends need to be treated with grease after being tightened to prevent ingress of weather that results in rust and seizing.
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You'll need to get these bolts seriously hot! I believe skoda use hex bolts but not really sure.
You can actually leave them in to change the disc - this involves slackening the hub nut and allowing the hub to come out a fraction. The old discs usually come out, but the new ones don't go back in because the edges haven't corroded!
John :)
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A pity VW don't anodize the bolts to prevent the corrosion.

Pads will do til next year now I think.

They're nicely bedded in with Ceretec grease, nice and quiet.
It's the thread locking compound that's the enemy here, that's why you need heat.
If you think the Allen bolts are bad, try the splined head ones!!
John :)
Thanks John!

I have a painter's blow torch which I could try, albeit with wet rag covering the slider pin rubber.

Next time I'm at VW, I'll ask about hex head bolts.

In my opinion, rather than mess on with allen key heads, do square just like the good old socket sets. Better grip!
Are the discs that bad ? Can you not leave them until it's an MOT advisory? I see problems with sheared bolts on the horizon.....
The discs in general are decent. The usual metal worm around the outside edge.

I'll be leaving the discs til the pads are down, probably next year now, until I change them.

MOT in December. If the brakes pass on braking force, all well and good until next summer.
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