High Temperature Heat Pump Vs Oil

19 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
We currently have oil fired heating in a 2006 build 4 bed bungalow with radiator (unfortunately not underfloor heating). Boiler has been very reliable to date and I've no immediate plans to replace it, but if and when it gives up the ghost I'm thinking about replacing it with a high temperature heat pump. I understand these produce water temperatures similar to a traditional boiler and allow the existing radiators to be used.

I'm keen for feedback from real world users of these 'high temperature' heat pumps on how well they work in practice and running costs. We go through about 2500l of oil a year for reference.
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It depends how much you use the boiler,if it's on all the time you will use a lot of oil.If you put a new Grant boiler in you'll get more for your your money.Air source heat pumps are always made out to be better than they really are,be careful what you pick.Bob
What will your heat source be ? Air source heat pumps in winter can stop providing heat to the house when the evaporator ( the outside unit ) becomes coated in ice. When this happens power ( as heat ) is then needed to thaw the ice. Some systems ( claim) to do this automatically by reversing the system to shift heat from inside the house to the outside unit. Works but can result is less comfort than expected. Others de-ice by having electric heating built into the evaporator.

For hot water a two stage pump may be the better option if the heat source is air source.
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It would be air source, something like this which claims to deliver 80 DegC water


All marketing information, on the face of it seems good, keen for real world feedback on such systems.

If we had underfloor heating I would be less wary, I understand traditional heat pumps deliver lower temperatures so you need large emitters but that would be difficult to achieve. Hence my interest in these 'high temperature' heat pumps.

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