Hive 2 Installation - Wiring in boiler

16 Aug 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi All - I am new so please bear with me and my stupid questions :)

I have just had a new Ideal Logic Combination Boiler installed with no external thermostat. I have purchased a Hive 2 to install (as a self install).

Does anyone have any simple diagrams showing the wiring needed from the boiler to the Hive single receiver (and also if I need any other wiring from the fuse spur powering the boiler - although I do not think I do).

Thanks in advance

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Have you looked at the instructions that come with the Hive and those which came with the boiler?
Yes but unsure which one to use hence asking for advise


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Question is if that boiler uses on/off thermostat or a modulating thermostat? And what the thermostat is to do?

Modulating boilers have a problem in that without a thermostat unless switched off they would cycle on/off all summer, so it is common to fit a thermostat to turn off boiler in warm weather using on/off.

However you would not control room temperature with an on/off thermostat, either it needs to be a modulating thermostat or a TRV. Some wall thermostats can be wired either way, Nest for example has both options.

The second problem is a thermostat to turn boiler off in warm weather needs just a simple on/off with a gap between off and on temperatures, however a thermostat for the old non modulating boilers needs to incorporate anti hysteresis software and start cycling boiler as it approaches the set temperature, needed with old boiler but causes extra stress on boiler with new type.

Hive is a cheap thermostat which will work fine with an old boiler when TRV are not used and a single thermostat can control whole house and the boiler does not require volt free contacts. Used with my old house with hot air central heating it would have been A1 using geofencing the very lossy system could be auto turned off when not required.

In USA they use hot air central heating a lot, I would guess designed for that market? In UK there will be homes where it will work, however there is a reason why tradesmen fitting central heating call themselves heating and venterlating engineers not technicians, it is because to heat a home using central heating without using very expensive systems needs a lot of skill. We can all buy the likes of EvoHome very expensive but will work with near every home a system to individually control each room, and modulate boiler as required.

But if you want to do it on the cheap, then it needs a lot more skill to set it up as I found out the hard way. Nearly every boiler will take an on/off thermostat or time switch, simply to turn off system when boiler in so inaccessible position. But the whole idea with a modern boiler is to reduce cycling to a minimum, and any on/off thermostat with anti hysteresis software will increase cycling so should be avoided.

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