hive2 doesn't have com connection

28 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom
Replacing my honeywell t45 with hive2.

Honeywell has 8 connections....
Hot water - com, nc and no (3 connections)
Heating - com, nc and no (3 connections)
(Total 8 )


The hive receiver has 6... L,N,NC,NO,NCOC, NO

so the hive2 is missing the com connections.

Where should these cables be connected if at all?

Looking back I realise I should have got someone to install)
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The Com connections are already made internally inside the Hive. Connect the wire you have written 2 on to the live connection in the Hive and throw the red and brown links you have marked 1 and 5 away.

Edit, what is all the wiring hanging out to the right of the photo?? Can we have a fuller photo?
Can u see that the 5th connector from the left is empty. Is that correct to? Would you expect this? This will mean the hive port will be empty too!

The cable.on the left are earth cables connected together and there is another 2 wires joined and taped up. This part of the wiring looks dodgy ( not done by me)

I'll take a fuller photo in the morning.

Thanks for replying so soon
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Yes terminal 5 (heating off) is meant to be blank and is only used with a certain type of valve that requires power to close it. I've only come across 1 of these in the last 13 years.
I'm more surprised we don't get more idiots doing DIY HIVE having just the fused spur turned off and not frying themselves, and not checking wires are dead. God help them on a system with 2 isolators or the neutral is wired live.

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