Hive single channel receiver but only 2 wires

14 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom

I have a combi boiler (Potterton Promax HE Plus) and a Myson volt free switch thermostat (powered by 3 aaa batteries).

I want to replace the Myson with Hive receiver. The Myson has two wires Brown (which I think is Common) and Black (which I think is Heating On). See picture.

I want to install a Hive2 single channel receiver. I think Brown is mapped to connection 1 and Black to connection 3 on the receiver. But I’m not sure on how to get power to the receiver. Can I use a link wire between L and 1 or will this damage the boiler ?

The other option I have is to put the receiver next to the fused switch (see picture) that provides power to the boiler and run L, N, Common and Heating (NO) from that to the receiver.

I’d be grateful for any guidance.



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Your second option is better, but you could double it all from the boiler and include your switching wires if you use some 5 core flex. Remove the wires from the wall (snip out) disconnect them at boiler end, and you should be good to go.
Hi Novice,

Thanks for the quick reply.

It looks like the Myson is wired from the fused switch (see photo). Do you mean disconnect it from here.

Then use the 5core to wire from the boiler terminal (see photo) to the receiver.

Mapping from boiler terminal L to L, N to N, earth to receiver tether, Black to receiver 3 (call) and grey to receiver 1 (common) ?



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ok thanks

Is the mapping good - grey to common and black to heating on. Do I need the to connect earth to tether ?
Remember that if you have a timer of any description that it will have to be set to constantly on

No timer, Just the Myson which can be used to set heating times but the suggesting is to disconnect this from the fused switch.

So I guess the Hive will take on this role.
Yes the Hive will take up the role of the myson thermostat. All I’m saying is disconnect the x2 wires so they’re not livened up when you fit your Hive. An earth isn’t usually required, but if it has one in the Hive to park then do that.

Install complete and all working fine. Thanks for your help.

Steps I followed, in case anyone else has the same setup.

1. Isolated boiler using fuse at main consumer unit.
2. Turned the fused switched to off (better to be safe)
3. Open the fused switch and made safe (snipped and bent) the Common and Call(Heating On) wires going to the Myson timer/thermostat. Attached the same (coming from the boiler) to a terminal strip so that they were also safe.
4. Closed the Fused switch.
5. Opened the boiler and its Terminal box. Connected the 5 Flex using the mapping next to the terminal box.
6. Connect the 5 Flex to the Hive receiver using the same mapping.
7. Closed the boiler and Hive receiver
8. Switch the fuse on the consumer unit to on. And powered up the fused switch.
9. Hive receiver and boiler powered up and connected to each other.

Really appreciate the advice.

Have a great Christmas.
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