Hotpoint WD420 issue.

18 Nov 2013
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United Kingdom

I've recently moved into a new flat with a Hotpoint WD420 washer/dryer.

I have a problem with the drying program and was wondering if anyone could help. I was googling my problem which brought me here.

I tried my first load of washing, the whole program finished but the clothes were still wet.

I then tried just a dry with the drying program, and all that happens is the washing will spin slowly, stop, spin slowly, stop, spin slowly. Regardless if I choose "wash at higher heat" or not. I got to the back of the washer and put a mulitmeter across the heater and it read 30Ohms (which i believe to be correct).

What normally happens when you start the drying program on these machines? Anyone have any idea what I can do next?

Any help would be mostly appreciated!


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In a bit confused. Are you on about the dry cycle. Or wash, dry is on high heat and should get hot in 10 mins. Wash will default if there's no heat on washing. 300 ohms on what ? Wash heater if so that should be 25 ohms.
Sorry for the confusion.

When I try the Dry Cycle it never gets hot. Nothing really happens other than the clothes spin for a few seconds, stop, spin for a few seconds, stop (and carrys on like that for the whole program). The clothes are always wet.

Sorry, there's 30 ohms on the two circular brass bolts, which I believe to be the heater for the dryer at the back of the machine behind the white panel?

It could be that the filter is blocked? Or it could be a PCB problem?

I didn't think it would be the filter if the Dry Cycle doesn't do much?
No that's the wash heater. Try the dryer heater on top of the drum. That also has. 2 brass bolts but bigger.
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Sorry for the stupid question but, how do I get to the top of the drum?

Your help is most appreciated!
Just looking at the dryer now. I've removed 2 screws from the top of the back and 2 screws from the bottom of the front but cant figure out how to take it apart. Is there a yuyorial somewhere?
Yea it is, the heater is in the left with 2 wires in it. Brown and green by the look of it. Should be 25 ohms. On the right is a small stat with a blob of paint on top. if heater is ok reset the stat with a pin till a click is heard.

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